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October 13, 2018

Pat Narduzzi

South Bend, Indiana

Pittsburgh - 14, Notre Dame - 19

PAT NARDUZZI: I feel bad for our kids in that locker room. They fought their tails off. They played hard. Just disappointing. I\'m disappointed for them. It\'s not the way you want it to go. They fought their tails off, that\'s it. You guys got questions?

Q. What\'s the reasoning, the thought process on the big punt there?
PAT NARDUZZI: To get a first down.

Q. Was there something you had seen from them you thought that was going to work?
PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah. The guy that was supposed to slip out of there tripped and fell.

Q. I guess you guys tried that with Jeff and kind of thought he was the best option for that one too?
PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, we had our quarterback in there making the call. Yeah. That certainly wasn\'t the game, I can tell you that.

Q. After the first drive you guys had when you went down on almost 20 plays, 10 minutes, were you surprised that the offense wasn\'t able to sort of generate more momentum and sustain some drives after that?
PAT NARDUZZI: No doubt about it. The kids played hard. Took that opening drive down there and I think there was three or four three and outs after that. So, yeah.

Q. Did you feel like your defense had a good feel or good handle on, did you feel like they were well prepared for this?
PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, they only rushed for 80 yards. Didn\'t score many points. Started hitting us on some what we call C slants, hitting 83 on the seam in there, we struggled to stop that route in the last couple drives. They got good players.

Q. What did you see on that final touchdown pass? I know it\'s hard in the moment, so you got to watch the film.
PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, got to watch the tape. 81\'s a good football player, he\'s fast, he\'s big, and we\'ll see if Dane won at the line of scrimmage or not.

Q. In the fourth quarter there was a third and two play, a swing pass there to Darian, I think lost three yards. Was that the first read on that play or did Kenny check down to that?
PAT NARDUZZI: I don\'t remember. I would have to watch the tape. I don\'t remember.

Q. What\'s the message to your team after a tight ball game could have gone --
PAT NARDUZZI: Tight ball game? We\'re ahead almost the entire game and our kids played their tails off. The message to these guys is sometimes you can\'t control what you can\'t control. And we\'re going into the ACC play, we got a week off to get healthy, we got a week off and then we move back into ACC play which is what counts. Went toe-to-toe with a Top-5 team, we played two other Top-10 teams and didn\'t go toe-to-toe because we hurt ourselves. So we took a Top-5 team all the way to the wire and for whatever reason -- you guys figure it out, I have to figure it out, you guys can figure it out -- we didn\'t pull it out at the end. So our kids played their tails off, that\'s all I can ask for, I love those guys in there, and they will be ready next week.

Q. After the first two big games against two Top-10 teams didn\'t go the way you wanted, were you able to take a little a little bit more out of this game going forward knowing that you\'re able to stand toe-to-toe with such a good team?
PAT NARDUZZI: No question about it. Our guys are never going to quit. That\'s a good football team, give them some credit, but just disappointing.

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