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October 6, 2018

Paul Chryst

Madison, Wisconsin

Nebraska - 24, Wisconsin - 41

HEAD COACH PAUL CHRYST: Proud of the effort getting that victory. It's always not easy to win, and especially in the Big Ten, and appreciate, took a lot of guys. It was a good win and I thought, certainly, offensively, I thought the line did a heck of a job, and tight ends were able to, you know, run the ball, and defensively, you know, we had our moments, but came up with some big plays and stops.

It's a good team win. Thought the return game gave us some things probably for the first time. Some stuff to build on and obviously you know there will be things we're going to look at and we've got to clean up and try to improve to get better.

Q. How difficult was it being shorthanded?
HEAD COACH PAUL CHRYST: Yeah, a lot of guys played, and you know, wasn't always pretty, but you appreciate them being ready and going, and I thought we had some opportunities for some big ply plays. In the one series we had two possible picks and didn't get it.

Credit to Nebraska's offense. They were explosive. We knew that going in, and quarterbacks makes a lot of things happen, and we did. We needed a lot of guys, really, in all areas, not just the back end. You know, tried to play a number of guys and that's why I think it was a good team win.

Q. How much of this was execution --
HEAD COACH PAUL CHRYST: Yeah, I think it was a combination. I thought it was a good plan that we had, and most importantly, guys executed it. I think there was times where you felt like, okay, we can just keep going on them and yet I think we were six of 12 maybe on third down. That also has to deal with, you know, maintaining possession of the ball.

You know, early, we got in the red zone and came away with field goals, not touchdowns, and you've just got to keep plugging away at it. But I thought we did a good job. I thought backs ran really hard, all three of them, and I thought certainly the line, fullbacks, tight ends, did a good job in the run game. I think you'll look and see that the receivers got involved in that, too, and that was big.

Q. How comfortable were you with --
HEAD COACH PAUL CHRYST: Kind of knew or thought going in, wanted to get him going. He's been practicing well.

So I think we were confident that way, and didn't necessarily know how it would unfold. Maybe a little bit quicker than we anticipated, but you know, Goose (ph) had been practicing well, and these are valuable reps that he got tonight. And Donte was in and Madison did a couple different things for us, and all the safeties played, so you know, there's a lot to learn from there, good and bad.

Q. (No mic.)
HEAD COACH PAUL CHRYST: Right, I think, you know, there's a lot of things that go into that. I think there were some times where we got some time we pressure on them but not finishing on the rush. A couple times we did, and those were huge plays. This will be good tape to learn from, and obviously there's areas that we can improve on defensively.

I think it's never just, you know, the pass coverage. It's pass defense, right, and credit to them. They made some plays, and certainly we can get better.

Q. (No mic.)
HEAD COACH PAUL CHRYST: Well, he's a smart, tough, accountable football player. You know, in all those situations you're talking about in that, and even when he goes in, I know he had the one on the ground, but just he plays the game, and you appreciate that. Like I said, he's smart, and he's also athletic enough and tough enough to make plays, significant plays.

Q. By now, any injuries --
HEAD COACH PAUL CHRYST: No, I don't have much more and probably see what happens. They will get looked over tonight and tomorrow, and I should probably know on Monday, sort of.

Q. How long --
HEAD COACH PAUL CHRYST: You know, I just saw it real quick on the deal, so you know, I get it.

I mean, we don't want to lose a guy for the game, and you know, you'll see that. Those are -- I don't think -- those are tough for the players and everyone understands the rule and we all are in favor. It's a violent game you and want to keep it as safe as possible. You're talking about things that happen in a short time and so yeah, everyone will learn from -- how many do you get? (Laughter) doesn't matter (Laughter).

Q. How impressed were you with --
HEAD COACH PAUL CHRYST: There was times when we had it and times when we didn't.

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