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September 30, 2018

Gerardo Martino

Harrison, New Jersey

Red Bulls - 2, Atlanta - 0

Q. The team looked like it lacked intensity in the first half. I was curious if you agreed and if you had any particular reason why.
GERARDO MARTINO: Yeah, because today we played against the most intense team in the league and we knew that if we didn't match that they were going to control the game.

Q. Why weren't you all able to match it?
GERARDO MARTINO: Because they did it better. Usually when one team triumphs over another it's because they did things better, especially in the first half. The second half was a little bit different but definitely in the first half.

Q. Any concerns about this loss?
GERARDO MARTINO: Yeah, before this game we had a bigger advantage, now they have cut that advantage smaller, but it's still just depends on us. But they have closed the gap.

Q. There seemed to be something between you and Armas at the end of the game. I was curious if you could elaborate on that, please.
GERARDO MARTINO: I went to separate him from Miguel because I think they were arguing and I went to take Miguel out of it. I don't know what they were arguing about but I saw that they were starting to talk and I went to take Miguel out of it. I like coaches with a low profile.

Q. What did you try to do in this game and why didn't it work?
GERARDO MARTINO: Yeah, we wanted to gets the ball behind the first line of their midfielders and then be able to find the space behind their center backs because they like to play a high line. And we were able to do it on a very few occasions, Miguel in the first half and Brandon had a chance in the second half, but that was the plan, but it only happened a few times. We're still in talks about the club, there is still a date, but that would only matter if we hadn't been in continuous talks with the club.

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