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September 29, 2018

Keith Washington

Lubbock, Texas

West Virginia - 42, Texas Tech - 34

KEITH WASHINGTON: You trust your teammates and your coaches, you can play a lot better and more free.

Q. Did it change a little bit when obviously Bowman went out and Duffey came in, more of a runner type? Did it change a little bit for you guys?
KEITH WASHINGTON: No, we kept the same mentality. It didn't matter which quarterback they put in, we just wanted to go out there and execute the game plan and do our job.

Q. Was the heat bothering you a little bit?
KEITH WASHINGTON: No, I'm from down south, so it didn't matter.

Q. Some of the guys it looked like the number of plays, whatever it was, 80 or whatever it was, is that taking its toll a little bit maybe?
KEITH WASHINGTON: You know, I don't think. I think this team is very conditioned. Our strength staff does a good job keeping us in shape, so I don't think that was an issue.

Q. What about the battle you had all day long with Antoine Wesley.
KEITH WASHINGTON: Yeah, he's a good player. I loved that match-up. I'm a competitor, he's a competitor, so I loved that.

Q. The play you made at the goal line or the end zone to knock that ball away on 3rd down and force a field goal, can you walk me through it?
KEITH WASHINGTON: Coach just called a good play. I followed my technique that Coach Belk showed me and just made a play on the ball.

Q. Were you on the field for that crazy tipped pass that caught at the 2-yard line?

Q. Did you think that ball was getting in there?
KEITH WASHINGTON: You know, I just tried my best to make a play on it, but he's in a DI college, as well, so he made a good play.

Q. Did you have to watch the replay to figure out what happened?
KEITH WASHINGTON: No, I didn't even think about it. Just on to the next play.

Q. The interception for touchdown, first of all, you see the ball coming to you, what goes through your mind?
KEITH WASHINGTON: Oh, it's natural. I've been playing this game since I was six years old, so just made a play.

Q. When you looked up and there's nothing but green in front of you, what goes through your mind?
KEITH WASHINGTON: Just get in the end zone.

Q. Did you have time to put on the coal miner hat?
KEITH WASHINGTON: Yeah, I put it on.

Q. It fits you better than it fit Robinson because he's got too much stuff up top.
KEITH WASHINGTON: Yeah, a lot of guys, they joke on me calling Little Head. But that was fun, a cool experience, and hopefully we can do it some more this season.

Q. Do you get to autograph that after this?
KEITH WASHINGTON: Oh, yeah, of course, everybody that puts it on gets to autograph it.

Q. Any nerves in your first start?
KEITH WASHINGTON: No, sir, not nervous at all. I've been doing this all since spring ball. Like I said, just trusting my coaches, trusting my teammates, and just doing our job.

Q. Once that ball bounces off your back there, that's just a bad luck play. Is that any additional motivation to come back and was that truly you were putting that one away?
KEITH WASHINGTON: You put it away, but at the same time, you always think I've got to make up for it. But that's just a DB mentality. Receivers are going to make plays.

Q. When their quarterback went out and got the stop the first series of the third quarter, was there a defensive letdown? Did you sense that any?
KEITH WASHINGTON: No, sir, not at all. Like I said, it's the same game plan no matter which quarterback was in, just going to follow Coach's game plan, and everybody was out there trying to execute.

Q. He can scramble more, though; did that put more pressure on you guys to step up for that compared to what you were ready for?
KEITH WASHINGTON: Oh, yeah, of course we had to make some minor adjustments, but it's the same thing no matter who's in there.

Q. When did you find out you were starting?
KEITH WASHINGTON: Probably two days before the game.

Q. Who told you, Coach Belk or Coach Gibby?
KEITH WASHINGTON: Yeah, Coach Belk told me.

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