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September 29, 2018

Geoff Collins

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston College - 45, Temple - 35

GEOFF COLLINS: Really good game. Really proud of how hard our guys fought. That was a very physical game and our guys were up to it. Outdinged them, just didn't win the turnover battle, and we had one more penalty than they did. And those two things, not getting as many turnovers and losing the penalty battle were the decision in the game.

But just proud of how hard they fought. That was a really good football team. Came out and did some -- they went a lot of tempo, which hadn't been their thing the first four games. So their whole offense, they were going tempo, they were going fast. So hat's off to them.

It's a good football team. It's a physical football team. But I thought our kids matched it and played physical, played tough, played with relentless effort. Played all the way to the very end, so really proud of that group of guys that's in the locker room right now, fighting, and scratching, and clawing against a really good football team.

Ryquell Armstead, 171 yards, four touchdowns, just a warrior out there for us. And, again, he's out there on kickoff team. He's out there playing defense. He's on the punt team, so can't say enough about number 7 and his impact that he had on the game. Don't take it for granted when you see somebody that plays as hard as he does and gives as much as he does for this team and this university. And I could say that about so many other guys that are in that locker room right now that really, really fought for each other and played hard for each other.

So now we've just got to regroup, get ready to play another good football team next Saturday at noon. Questions?

Q. For all the sort of big plays that went throughout the game, fair to say it came down at the end to the line of scrimmage, they were able to get a sack, they were able to win the line of scrimmage. When on the opposite side, they were able to just push for that touchdown?
GEOFF COLLINS: Yeah, just can't take anything away. They were the No. 1 team in the country getting sacks, and that was a really good defensive line. Young guy, Klein, was out there battling as a true freshman against two really good defensive ends. So proud of how hard he fought, and I think that's one of the best running backs in the country.

AJ, really good player, but our guys were sitting there battling every single play. So I'm really proud of our guys the way they competed and the way they played.

Q. Second week in a row you've been hurt by drop passes. How about that?
GEOFF COLLINS: Yeah, disappointing. You know, some of them were contested. But just the mindset, in our organization, the mindset of our receivers, when that ball is in the air, they're going to come down with it. And there are some times today that we didn't. So we'll keep working on that and making sure we get that corrected moving forward.

Q. Considering the circumstances with the pressure that they were able to get on Russo and the drop passes, how would you assess the way he played today?

Q. Yes.
GEOFF COLLINS: Had some really good balls, was under some pressure. I thought he maintained composure, maintained poise. Didn't see him get rattled a lot. Then again, I know I say it every week, but just so proud of Frank. The way he was helping Anthony with the protections, where the pressures were coming from. The first person to go up to Russo when he came off the sideline was Frankie Nutile, so I don't think that's a small thing. I think that's something that should be applauded.

They were getting some pressure, and then we were having some things -- some of the crossing routes might have been a little too early on the throws. But just keeping them composed, and Anthony threw, I think, for 250, 260.

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