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September 26, 2018

Devonte Green

Race Thompson

Jerome Hunter

Bloomington, Indiana

Q. Devonte, Coach said you really had among the most consistent off-seasons of anybody. What went into that? How did you kind of go into this off-season expecting to perform, and are you seeing those consistent results yourself?
DEVONTE GREEN: I am seeing results. All of May I've been working, the whole summer I've been working, and just trying to improve my game. I think that the work shows.

Q. Race, I know the plan was always to redshirt last year, but what do you feel like you can prove about yourself or what do you want to show after a year to kind of work behind the scenes?
RACE THOMPSON: I want to show like why I'm here. Also like the main thing is just doing whatever I can to get wins. That's the main thing.

Q. Devonte, what are two or three big things that you've learned from your first two years here?
DEVONTE GREEN: I think more mental than anything, talking, little things that show leadership, and controlling the pace of my game.

Q. Jerome, I remember talking to you last year at Southport, the high school game. You were very excited about getting here. Now you've been here getting acclimated. What's it been like moving up to the college level and coming to a team with all this talent on it?
JEROME HUNTER: I mean, it's very different. High school I was the best player on my team, so coming to a team where there's a lot of other players just makes me work hard every day, off days, when it comes to practice and playing with my teammates.

Q. Devonte, Juwan was saying that he felt like you were a lot more under control this year. He said you weren't going for the home run ball, you were going for a lot more singles. Is that something that's been something that you've been focusing on?
DEVONTE GREEN: I think so. Like I said, mentally, I've been -- it's the biggest adjustment I made to my game, and like I said, also, I think it shows.

Q. Jerome, what's the process been like as you've sort of worked your game out? You were a post player earlier in high school, then you're kind of a combo forward, now you're adding the three ball and more. Where are you in that process, and what kinds of things do you work on to continue to build your game?
JEROME HUNTER: I mean, I work on a lot of ball handling, and I work on a lot of film watching. I mean, film is the biggest thing for me because I can see what I need to work on, what the guards are doing now, and just trying to adjust from a big to a guard, so just watching a lot of guards and how they come off screens, how they read screens, stuff like that.

Q. Devonte, you mentioned a mental switch; was there a conversation you had, a moment that you can kind of look back on and say, this is when something changed, or is it kind of a process that took weeks or months for you to get to?
DEVONTE GREEN: I don't think it was one big moment. I think it was a bunch of moments.

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