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September 24, 2018

Damian Jones

Oakland, California

Q. Obviously with DeMarcus being out for the onset of the season there's a three-way battle for the center position. How are you approaching that? How do you think you can set yourself apart?
DAMIAN JONES: Just overall I think it's a big opportunity, just come in and play and just coming in for starters and just showcasing what I can do on the floor and just playing to the best of my ability and see what happens after that.

Q. You injured your knee, I remember, in summer league. How long did it sideline you and are you affected by it now?
DAMIAN JONES: I'm all good now. It took me about a week and a half to like recover, came in, back to Oakland, got treatment on it. And it was all good after that.

Q. You spent a lot of time in the G League and Steve Kerr talked about how that helped you develop. From your personal side, what has that done for you now that you have the opportunity to be a starting center?
DAMIAN JONES: You know, it shows the journey it takes. Everybody doesn't have the same journey and just from there just being able to play down there, the first two seasons I wasn't really going to play here. So having an opportunity to go down have that in-game experience was good.

Q. As you and Steve Kerr are walking off the court in the Finals he told you next year is your year, what did that mean for you to hear that from him on that stage at that point?
DAMIAN JONES: Hearing that is pretty encouraging. Two years, just like uncertain of everything but having that you go into the summer on your mind give it your best and just hoping for a big year to come up and just preparing for the best.

Q. Not having David West or Zaza there in the locker room, what kind of void is that going to have for you, did you look up to them last year? How do you sort of try to replace that?
DAMIAN JONES: It's different. They had a big impact on me they always gave me advice, different things to think about on the court. But not having that now, just has got to remember everything they told me. Try to keep that in mind.

Q. Coach Kerr and the team obviously is expecting more from you this year. What tells you that you're ready to take advantage of that opportunity?
DAMIAN JONES: You know, just the coaches will say they're looking for this and that. You go in, work in the summer, just focusing on those things and so far I feel like I had a pretty good summer playing Pikiell with everybody. Feeling pretty good. So I think I can get everything they ask me to do done.

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