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September 22, 2018

Tom Allen

Bloomington, Indiana

Michigan State - 35, Indiana - 21

TOM ALLEN: Disappointing performance and outcome tonight. Had a great opportunity as a program and didn't take advantage of it. Thought we were inconsistent in a lot of different areas. Definitely some positives to build off of, but got a young football team that didn't respond to some key situations and made some poor choices. And just feel like that Michigan State's a really good football team. We knew they were. Big, physical, I thought the receivers very good, very quarterback. And we had several takeaways defensively, I believe we got four, but still not enough. Very, very disappointed in our running game. Offensively just something that -- you got to run the football. And it really puts a ton of pressure on you when you can't have time to function in the both the pass game and then moving the ball in the run game. So that's an area that really bothers me. So we have to address that in order to move forward. But the bottom line is it's one game and we'll build off of this, we'll learn from it and we'll press on and we'll become a better football team next week because of tonight.

Q. Do you feel you guys need more explosion plays, I think you only had a couple of them tonight?
TOM ALLEN: Yeah, there's no question.

Q. Do you feel Penix could potentially be a part of that?
TOM ALLEN: I thought Peyton played really well, but at the same time you got to be able to do some things to get him off. So obviously not good enough offensively and so, but then defense had their chance to get the ball back and give our offense a chance to go win the game and the defense did not take care of their job. So it's a team loss.

Q. On that play that they scored the touchdown on the jet sweep. What happened?
TOM ALLEN: Yeah, great question. You know, obviously they had rushed about 50 yards up to that point and our defense had played really, really well against the run, against a team that prides themselves in running the football and we played a coverage, we were trying to be a little more aggressive because we knew we had to get the ball back, so if you don't get the ball back then we would never have a chance. So you kind of take an opportunity, we chose to kick off because we thought we could stop them, get the ball back and go score a touchdown to send it to overtime. But one play, one long run, guy misfits it and then we pulled our safety to try to get an extra hat at the point of attack and called a coverage for that and then he took a bad angle. But therefore once they got cut off then there was nobody there. So that's disappointing because we work that concept a lot and you got to execute. Obviously we were down to our third string husky at that point in the game, but we got to get some younger guys ready to roll. So, but that was just an opportunity that we had in front of us as a defense to finish the game and be the reason why and we didn't execute. That's on me. I'm in charge of the defense on this whole team.

Q. Their drive at the end of the first half, you seemed pretty animated about the touchdown and then the other thing is what was your view of the targeting on Marcelino?
TOM ALLEN: Well, you know the reality is this, they have a 220-pound plus running back that, if you watch film, he runs people over at times, he makes people miss, he's a very good athlete and then when you're a defensive guy and you're trying to tackle that guy and then he slides all of a sudden at the last second, that's tough. But that's the way the rules are written right now. And I don't control the call, I don't control the rules and how they're interpreted. I thought with the reviewing of it that we would at least not get that portion of it, but we didn't. But yeah, as I told our team, I'm in charge of addressing the officials, not them. So I know it's frustrating, but that's not their position, it's just mine. And obviously it's a tough call, tough break for Marcelino and it wasn't a malicious thing, it wasn't a dirty shot at all, it was just playing football. But trust me, he's not the only one that's been a victim of that rule and it's just the way it is right now. And then obviously I felt like there was offensive interference on the touchdown and obviously they didn't agree with me. But that's what I felt and I'm not going to sit there and just act like it's okay. But I don't, I'm not going to -- I just do my job. So if I don't like it, I'll make sure they know that and that's the bottom line. But I don't control that, we just got to press on.

Q. I suppose you got to give Michigan State credit for their front seven, but on your end how do you diagnosis some of the problems not being able to run block, pass block?
TOM ALLEN: Yeah, too much pressure in the past game only our quarterback and not enough -- we ran for 29 yards. That's with a lot of sacks, but that's very, very disappointing. So we have to address that as a program as a team and it has to change. They're number one in the nation in run defense, but you got to find a way to run the ball. It's just a tough sledding today for our offensive line and they have been great so far, but they didn't have a good night tonight and they didn't play to our standards and we got to get better.

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