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September 22, 2018

Josiah Tauaefa

Lorenzo Dantzler

Greg Campbell, Jr.

San Antonio, Texas

Q. You and (UTSA quarterback) Cordale Grundy seemed to be on the same page tonight.
GREG CAMPBELL, JR.: I don't think it was anything that wasn't in the game plan. We knew we could attack the outside, and we knew we had good matchups that we liked. So it was just working throughout the week and it came to flourish during the game.

Q. Josiah, you guys break through for the first win of the season. Can you kind of describe the mood in the locker room and kind of the relief of getting this first win?
JOSIAH TAUAEFA: It's huge. It's huge for our football team. We come in the locker room in obviously a much better mood than when you lose. So the whole week we've been preaching you just gotta get the one. We come off the three losses, whether they're against Power Five opponents or not, they still hurt. They still sting. So just getting the one was important for us this week. That's what our focus was on and will be on moving forward, just getting that next one.

Q. Lorenzo, how did you feel when you came in here today? I mean you knew there was going to be a big crowd, everybody was pretty excited, but you guys haven't won a game coming in here today. Were you feeling any pressure at all like that?
LORENZO DANTZLER: Not really. I just tried to come out here and just be me. That's enough. If we can just be ourselves every week, we can get things done. So that was my whole mindset coming into the game.

Q. I'm just curious, this could be for any of you guys. When you play Texas State and you win, you hoist that I-35 trophy, do you feel the rivalry, do you feel a little extra when you come into this ballgame when you play those guys?
JOSIAH TAUAEFA: For me I definitely do. I take every game personally, but since everyone wants to call it a rivalry, we can make it that, and yeah, we take it personally, yes, sir.

Q. This is for Josiah and Lorenzo. Just talk about the play that led to the first touchdown on that strip sack and fumble recovery.
JOSIAH TAUAEFA: So, you know, the call comes in from the sideline and obviously try to execute every play to the best of our ability, and I was in a position to get past the center and get within reach of the quarterback, and so, you know, I see the ball out. And I swipe at it, it pops out. And then immediately I turn around and I see Zo scoop it up, and immediately your mind on the defensive side changes from getting to the ball to trying to keep people away from the ball once you have it. So everybody turns into a blocker, and then, yeah. So Zo took it the rest of the way.

LORENZO DANTZLER: Call came in from the sideline. It was third down. I knew we needed a big play on the first series. So I came around the edge and Joe got to the quarterback first. And I saw the ball and I just scooped it and took it the other way.

Q. Greg, how do you feel about going into the conference now? You've got the monkey off your back, so to speak, and how does it feel going into Game 1 of the conference play next week?
GREG CAMPBELL, JR.: I think we're in the best mood we can possibly be right now. And moving forward we're just glad we got this one and we can build off this one. We're going to watch some film tomorrow as if we won or lost the game and then put it behind us and we're going to move on.

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