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September 22, 2018

Greg Vanney

Harrison, New Jersey

Red Bulls - 2, Toronto - 0

Q. Your overall thoughts on the match?
GREG VANNEY: Yeah, I thought it was our season in a game. I thought we, I don't know if we have come to read bull arena and out played them as much as we did today but yet we still find a way to lose the game. The goal we give up is on our set piece at mid field of the we play a straight ball that turns into a counter attack, don't manage the counter attack and we're down 1-0 now chasing the game in the last 15 minutes out of nothing. It's frustrating because the guys worked hard today, they played well today, they deserved more out of it today, but that's how our season has been. Our performances at times haven't been bad but we have always managed away to shoot ourselves in the foot.

Q. Up date on Jozy?
GREG VANNEY: Ankle. I don't know how it will be but he was obviously struggling and had to come off.

Q. How much did that set you back, it was kind of obvious he was set on making the trip and then Jozy has to come out?
GREG VANNEY: Again, that's part of the season in a game, right? A microcosm of guys that are -- we have to bring Jozy off because he can't go any more, I had pushed Chris well beyond what his expectation was for the day, I thought he was excellent, but when we're down 1-0 I can't possibly keep pushing Chris and lose him for the rest of the season. He was excellent in his return and we got a lot more out of him than we were anticipating, so it was good to get him going again, but again, without Ced and without Jozy, some other situations, Aura will still trying to return from his injury, he played a little bit last week, it was just, that's the way it goes.

Q. Do you pretty much need to win out?
GREG VANNEY: Yeah, we need to win out. Yeah, I mean today getting something was going to be really important. We're really, really heavily relying on other results at this point, but my expectation is that everybody's going to fight and compete and battle to the end. We have got a lot to prove and we got to get on the winning side of it on the tail end of this.

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