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September 15, 2018

Ryan Agnew

Juwan Washington

San Diego, California

SDSU - 28

ASU - 21

Q. Ryan, how did you feel from the start there and did you feel like it's going to talk a little bit to get going during the game?
RYAN AGNEW: Yeah, we came into it knowing Arizona State is a great football team, knowing they run a great defense, they fly around and we knew there was going to be a lot of ups and downs but we knew if we stayed to the game plan got a physical running game going that eventually it was going to prevail.

Q. What changed in that last drive in the second quarter that all of a sudden things started coming together?
RYAN AGNEW: I wouldn't say anything really changed I just think that would he started making plays. We started finding some openings, got passes off, Juwan was able to get free on a little check down which was great for us to get that first down so I don't think anything really changed I think just players remained in that moment because it was a big moment we really needed it.

Q. Ryan, can you talk about your willingness to scramble the ball. You got nine carries for about 45 yards, so talk about your willingness to be able to scramble and just move around in the pocket.
RYAN AGNEW: I mean, I think people know that in our offense you can't really take negative yardage plays. We like to run the rock and when you get behind the chains you can't really establish the run as well. So taking sacks, we take pride in doing our best not to take them and if that means getting a hard two yards it means getting a hard two yards.

Q. Did you have any first start jitters or did it feel pretty good out there?
RYAN AGNEW: I mean, everyone I think has jitters before every game. I know I can't speak for everyone else but I think most people have jitters before a game, but it was really calming to have guys that I trust with me and they trusted me as well and that's made it a lot easier is just having my teammates around me.

Q. Could you talk about the final two minute drill you guys had at the end of the first half and just how important that was? You made a couple good throws.
RYAN AGNEW: Yeah, first and foremost the defense made a huge stop. Without them that drive's not possible and without that stop I think the momentum could have really swung in their favor whether they get three points or seven points that could really make a huge difference. So when we came on the field not everyone's expecting us to get down the field and get points, so I think it was a really big momentum shift there for us to go all the way down and score a touchdown at the end.

Q. Juwan how do you feel about the game, obviously another big rushing performance from you?
JUWAN WASHINGTON: Just confidence going into next week we played really well as a group, a collective whole we all went out there and executed what we were supposed to be going on and at the end result we ended up winning the game and that's something that you can just build on each week.

Q. What's it mean for this program to beat these guys for two straight years, especially this year they're ranked?
JUWAN WASHINGTON: Just shows that we can go play with anybody. A lot of people may not think that we can compete with a top level guys that's out there, but I honestly think we can go compete with anybody that's in front of us on our schedule, so we just got to go week by week and prove that so we can get to the conference championship and hopefully win that.

Q. Does it feel a little good for the running game to put that number that you guys did, just Arizona State coming in being the top defense against the run coming into this game?
JUWAN WASHINGTON: That's something that I noticed a lot was taking pride in this whole week was going out there and being able to run the ball on them, because all week we been hearing about them being the number one run defense in the NCAA right now, so that's something we take pride and our offense is being able to establish the run and on our program we just want to be the most physical group out there and I think that really shows and starts with up front and those guys did a really good job in establishing the line of scrimmage this afternoon.

Q. Did you say anything to Chase during the second half? Obviously he finally got his chance to come in.
JUWAN WASHINGTON: No, I didn't say anything to him. The running back it's all reaction and you just got to be reactive out there, so he did a really good job of seeing things and hitting it and you just got to be able to trust what you see and just hit it.

Q. Was there any reason you weren't there physically at the end?
JUWAN WASHINGTON: Just got banged up a little bit but Chase was in there a hundred percent and I didn't want to go in there half stepping a little bit, so he did a really good job filling in for me.

Q. What's banged up mean?
JUWAN WASHINGTON: Just a little banged up a little bit that's about it, but I'm fine be ready to go next week.

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