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September 15, 2018

Antoine Wesley

Lubbock, Texas

Texas Tech - 63, Houston - 49

Q. Have a lot of stick 'em today on your hands?
ANTOINE WESLEY: Just a little bit, sir.

Q. Talk about your game.
ANTOINE WESLEY: I'm just happy to be here. Worked hard in practice with my brothers and just when the game time came, just when the ball was thrown my way, I just had a blast.

Q. What kind of connection do you and Bowman have?
ANTOINE WESLEY: Oh, we have a good connection. Not only me but him and T.J. and all the other receivers, Ja High, we all have connections, especially in practice.

Q. Do you feel like this offense is clicking right now heading into Oklahoma State and West Virginia?
ANTOINE WESLEY: It's just the beginning for us. We've definitely got to work back on the little things again this week for practice, so work on the penalties. That's what we're going to be doing the most.

Q. What does it mean to you that the last 20 years Texas Tech had all these great receivers and your yardage today set a school record?
ANTOINE WESLEY: I'm kind of shocked, but it's awesome that they were here before me, they left a legacy, and I'm just honored to continue doing what they did before me.

Q. Talk about the start you've gotten off to this season, these three games. What can it do for your belief?
ANTOINE WESLEY: It really can expand everything for all of us. Having like me and T.J. on the outside opens up the run, so I'm definitely proud of that.

Q. It seemed like -- obviously there were some missed tackles today. Did y'all see on film that it was a team vulnerable to missed tackles, or did it just happen?
ANTOINE WESLEY: No, sir, it just happened.

Q. What's on the wristband?
ANTOINE WESLEY: It's why I wear No. 4. My best friend, he died in high school my senior year, so this year I had to wear 4 for him.

Q. Do you think you surprised people with your big play ability?
ANTOINE WESLEY: I actually surprised myself. (Laughter.) Yeah, I did. But definitely we all worked hard for it, so I'm proud.

Q. Did you find that fan in the end zone?
ANTOINE WESLEY: No, I didn't. No, sir, I didn't.

Q. Did you sense it during the game that you were having a special day, or were you just kind of zoned out with everything?
ANTOINE WESLEY: No, sir, actually really just my teammates, they just kept me up. Since I dropped that one ball, after that, they just kept me up on my feet, and I thank them for that.

Q. Someone told me it looks like they're building a T.J. (indiscernible) on the other side today. Did y'all notice that?
ANTOINE WESLEY: I don't think we noticed that, no, sir.

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