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September 11, 2018

Ja'Deion High

Lubbock, Texas

Q. Ja'Deion, how do you think Alan has progressed in these few weeks that he's been quarterback?
JA'DEION HIGH: I think he's done well. I mean, he showed us during fall camp that he can go in there and lead the offense and he's stepped up when McLane went down. He's shown that he can do it all still.

Q. He's hit you for a couple touchdowns already; do you guys think your chemistry between the two of you guys is getting better?
JA'DEION HIGH: We did little stuff after practice during the summer, so it kind of stuck. When he came in the game, I told him the same thing as practice, just keep doing what we do.

Q. In terms of Houston, what have you seen from them, from a defensive perspective?
JA'DEION HIGH: I mean, they run a lot of zone concepts. They're real aggressive, got two good defensive linemen, looking forward to seeing what they do, great players, they cover well. So we'll see what they have when we match up.

Q. Just as a team, kind of the second test that y'all have had so far. What are you expecting to kind of see after with a you did last weekend in terms of success?
JA'DEION HIGH: I expect to see us go out there and do what we do no matter what and execute everything that we're coached to do.

Q. From a wide receiver perspective, how do you kind of feel y'all performed last weekend?
JA'DEION HIGH: I mean, we made plays, but we've got to do a little more. It was probably a lot of running plays that we scored on. Looking forward to going out there and seeing what we can do this week.

Q. What does it do for you as an offense whenever the defense is forcing turnovers like that and you can just get it back quickly and keep pushing the lead?
JA'DEION HIGH: Oh, it's exciting to see them go out there and make turnovers, seeing them make plays. They do it in practice every day, so it's fun to see, and when we get the ball back, it's like another chance to go score.

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