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September 11, 2018

Broderick Washington Jr.

Lubbock, Texas

Q. Broderick, you've been pretty disruptive making some plays in the backfield. How have you felt like your season has started from an individual standpoint so far?
BRODERICK WASHINGTON JR.: Honestly, I feel like I had an okay start. In my opinion I feel like it's not good enough, and I've got a lot of work to do still.

Q. What can you do better?
BRODERICK WASHINGTON JR.: I'm looking for perfection, honestly, so probably everything.

Q. How different does this offense look this year compared to what you faced last year in Houston?
BRODERICK WASHINGTON JR.: They're a lot faster than they were last year. They've got great skill players, and the quarterback, if we don't contain him, he's going to be a problem.

Q. We were talking earlier, and I guess he played wide receiver in that game. Just talk about the problem he could pose for you guys at quarterback.
BRODERICK WASHINGTON JR.: He's pretty elusive, throws great balls and makes a lot of plays with his feet. So if we're not doing our job and containing him, he can make a lot of big plays with his feet.

Q. You said after the Ole Miss game that y'all as a defense needed that kind of wake-up call. Do you think you guys then in week 2 needed something to build that momentum back up?
BRODERICK WASHINGTON JR.: You want my opinion?

Q. That's why I asked you the question, yes.
BRODERICK WASHINGTON JR.: Honestly, I would have preferred to play two hard teams first, actually three, honestly, and then go into conference knowing that -- at least having a good sense of where we are as a team and knowing the things that we need to work on.

Q. So is that essentially, well, we didn't really learn a lot from last week? Is that kind of what your takeaway is when you play a team like Lamar?
BRODERICK WASHINGTON JR.: Honestly, I feel like they shouldn't have been on the schedule.

Q. Adrian Frye is a guy that coaches and players have talked about since last spring, and he's pretty much been as good as advertised. What have you seen from him and what difference do you think he makes to that secondary?
BRODERICK WASHINGTON JR.: With him, it's just his maturity. Like he's matured a lot, especially being in his class being a younger guy, he's come a long way. It was actually pretty good -- I was actually happy to see him get his shine on because he's really a baller, and it's just a matter of time before he takes over.

Q. To have a guy on the sideline like Big Mike, obviously he's your teammate and you love him, but talk about what he brings whenever he comes back and is able to interact with you guys again?
BRODERICK WASHINGTON JR.: Having him on the sideline, for our noses and -- I don't know if it really matters for the four eyes, but just having him there, it gave us like -- I guess like a little extra edge because the things we did last year, I feel like guys feel like they have to live up to that and be even better, especially playing in his position, because he did a hell of a job with what he did last year for us. But it was just -- I don't know, it was just -- for me it was just like having my brother back with me actually, so it was a good thing.

Q. I know you worry about the other team's offense, but is it hard not to sit back and watch what Ed Oliver does and maybe steal something from him, learn something from him?
BRODERICK WASHINGTON JR.: No, not really. I feel like I'm just going to work my butt off. I want to be the best D-tackle in the nation, so I really don't care about what's going on around me.

Q. How do you think the defensive line has progressed these past few weeks?
BRODERICK WASHINGTON JR.: I feel like we're getting a lot of young guys that don't really have any experience, a lot of experience rather. I feel like getting those first two games under their belt, I feel like they've come along quite well, and everybody knows there's still room for improvement, and we've just got to have our head down and working.

Q. What do you remember about Houston's offensive line last year and how much of a challenge are they?
BRODERICK WASHINGTON JR.: Actually looking back on that film from last year and watching the D-line, I feel like that we're way better than then, and I feel like we can dominate these guys up front.

Q. Considering that you have Big 12 starting after this, you said that you would like to know where y'all stand before Big 12 starts. Can you just speak to the importance of giving a good account of yourself this Saturday before you go to Oklahoma State?
BRODERICK WASHINGTON JR.: You want like as a whole team or as just defense?

Q. Either or both.
BRODERICK WASHINGTON JR.: For defense, I feel like we're fitting to play against a good offense. Well, not just good, probably a pretty good offense, and I feel like if the defense can have a great showing, then it'll show where we are defensively and mostly show our progression, really.

Q. Houston is going to go tempo. I know y'all are used to going against that in practice. How does it compare to what you go against in practice with tempo, and how do you feel about going up against up tempo?
BRODERICK WASHINGTON JR.: I like going against a tempo because that's all we're going to see in the Big 12 when we get into conference anyway. But the things we're doing in practice to prepare for it, we're going really fast. Like really, really fast. And I feel like when Saturday comes and we actually do face the tempo in the game, I feel like we'll be well prepared for it.

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