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September 8, 2018

Ryan Agnew

Parker Baldwin

Kyahva Tezino

Juwan Washington

San Diego, California

Sacramento State - 14, San Diego State - 28

Q. What did you think when Christian went down?
RYAN AGNEW: It was really unfortunate to see Christian go down. You never want to see that, especially one of your best friends, the guys you look up to.

But you had to come in there. You had to make plays. I wouldn't be able to do it out the offensive line, receivers, tight ends, receivers, runnings back. I owe it all to those guys; if it wasn't for those guys, I wouldn't have had the night I had.

Q. The first call to pass interference --
RYAN AGNEW: Yeah, that was awesome. You know, they trust me with a little roll-out, a little dunk to Ethan. Ran a great route. I was able to get it to him, so that got my confidence right from the get-go, which was awesome.

Q. Most difficult thing about being called in?
RYAN AGNEW: Most difficult thing, you know, it's the big stage at this point. You've got to go out there; there's a lot of people watching, but you've got to shut all that out as quick as possible and get down to business because all ten guys on the offense are looking at you, and you can't be scared.

Q. Your thoughts going forward?
RYAN AGNEW: My thoughts going forward, my hat's off to Christian. He's one of the best quarterbacks we've seen at San Diego State, you know, all-time wins. At this point, you've just got to take it day-by-day. Hope he's healthy as much as possible, but if not, you've just got to trust your teammates and then just fall behind the O-Line because we have a great O-Line.

Q. You completed two balls for 35 yards, but only to be negated by penalties. Did it feel good, knowing you could complete those deep balls or frustrating that you guys were -- the plays were negated by penalties?
RYAN AGNEW: Right when you complete it, you're thinking, awesome, and you turn around and gear the whistle and see the flag, and it's pretty frustrating.

We shot ourselves in the foot a couple times tonight but kept bouncing back, kept bouncing back and eventually prevailed.

Q. Kyahva, getting that sack on fourth down, how good did it feel to pretty much stale the game?
KYAHVA TEZINO: First off, they are an absolutely good team. They came out ready to play, and your question, I just wanted to make a play for the team. I knew it was fourth down. Somebody had to make a play and I just put it upon myself that I had to make it.

Q. What did you see on that play?
KYAHVA TEZINO: Honestly, it flashed so fast, I just remember sacking the quarterback.

Q. What are you looking for on the play that was called? Do you know you're rushing into the backfield no matter what or waiting on what you see?
KYAHVA TEZINO: That play right there, I'm just trying to get to the quarterback and make a sack, and I did it. You know, the rest is history from now.`what in particular did their offense do?

KYAHVA TEZINO: We knew what they were going to come in and do, like last week. You know, we started fast and we didn't finish. This week we started slow and we finished. We just have to come in and put all the pieces together and we're going to be a good team after that. We just have to come in, start fast and finish fast.

Q. Ryan, do you feel like from a passing game standpoint, do you feel like you took a little bit of a step forward tonight? Quite a few different receivers got the ball. What's your assessment?
RYAN AGNEW: You know, obviously everyone knows San Diego State is a great running team and that's what we want to pride ourselves on. We want to be the most physical team. But if a team comes out and plays very well, which Sacramento State did, and they said, you know, you're going to have to throw the ball on us, we have to be order to answer that call.

I believe we answered it. We knew we had to get that ground game going; it's going to make it a lot easier to throw the football. But it was good to see a step in the right direction on that side.

Q. How much improvement did you see from week one to week two on the defensive side?
KYAHVA TEZINO: On defensive side, we're improving. We're improving slowly. That's just the thing; we have to keep improving and create turnovers and we have to get sacks. We have to do everything that the defense is supposed to do. We had a rough night. We were just mentally tough, tougher than them, but they came out ready to play. They hit us in the mouth and we just came back in the second half and responded.

Q. Juwan, how good did it feel to really get going in the fourth, scoring two touchdowns?
JUWAN WASHINGTON: It felt real good just to get some things going and find a couple seams that the O-Line opened up. We started out a little shaky and we wanted to stay together all game and not fade apart. We've been talking to each other all game to stay together and when it opens up, it will open up. They finally opened up some big holes and I was able to run through them.

Q. YOU scored that touchdown in the first quarter but Sacramento State slowed you down in the second and third. How were you able to regain that rhythm in the fourth?
JUWAN WASHINGTON: Just keep fighting. They came out and played a real physical game. We tried to come back with some punches and they were throwing punches, so we keep going through the whole game. When we play physical like that, we are able to finish and wear some defenses down. I think they kind of got -- wear down a little bit towards the end and we're able to finish.

Q. What was your reaction from everybody?
JUWAN WASHINGTON: We were all hurt. He's a senior on our offense and a leader, and to see somebody go down like that, it makes you want to play better.

Also, we wanted to get out there and get a win for Christian. Agnew did a really good job of coming in and making plays for our offense, and just not taking I step off a backup coming in, just making big plays for our offense.

Q. On the defense perspective, what did you think when you saw Christian come out?
PARKER BALDWIN: A lot of heartbreak. He's been our quarterback for several years, the winningest quarterback because he started this game. Yeah, it's just heartbreaking. We were all hurt but we had faith that Agnew was going to go in and make the plays that he did, and he did enough to get us the win.

Q. Juwan, how is Ryan Agnew different from Christian?
JUWAN WASHINGTON: I'm not too sure how they are different. You know, sometimes Agnew scrambles and Christian scrambles, they are both kind of the same to me. But they both go in there and make plays for us when we need them to and we saw that with Agnew and we've seen it plenty of times with Christian. So pretty much all the same to me.

Q. Were you getting a little antsy at all in the first half, not getting quite as many carries?
JUWAN WASHINGTON: They were stacked in the box early, so we needed to throw this a little bit to spread them out a little bit. They made some big plays and we hurt ourselves towards the middle with penalties, but the receivers did a really good job today and the quarterbacks was going in there and making plays and we did a really good job with that.

Q. Could you talk about the secondary's improvement from this game? Aside from the deep ball you gave up, can you talk about the improvement?
PARKER BALDWIN: Yeah, they definitely came out. I came out and told the guys all week, it's a challenge. We've got something to prove after what happened last week and we still have a lot of improvement to make. You saw today, there's a few bombs they had and there's a lot of improvement we have to make but it's good. It's a good step in the right direction, and we've just got to keep getting better every single day.

Q. Seemed like the play that sealed the game for you guys was on the defensive side of the ball. Can you talk about Kyahva's the sack on fourth down?
PARKER BALDWIN: Yeah that was a great play by Kyahva. He had one-on-one with the guard, I believe, just beat him and made the play for our team. Something that we really needed.

He's one of those guys, he's a great player and he's going to play his heart out all the way through the game and you saw that. He never gave up and never yielded and he made that big sack at the end to seal it for us.

Q. Was there any nervousness there at the end of the game trailing? Were you confident you could pull it out?
PARKER BALDWIN: We were definitely confident we could pull it out, but they played us very tough the whole game. They are a good football team and they played us tough but we had faith that if we just keep doing our thing, keep playing our ball, we're going to come through with the win and that's what happened.

Q. Can you talk about just playing in front of a big home crowd? I believe attendance was over 45,000. Just talk about the crowd and environment, how it helps the game.
JUWAN WASHINGTON: It helps a lot. When you make a play and hear the crowd cheering; it just gives you excitement and makes you want to play harder.

Everything we do, we do for the fans because without them we don't have a big stadium or crowd noise or anything like that. We want to make sure we go out and play our hearts out every game for them and make them want to come back more and even stronger. Hopefully next game, we get the same kind of intensity and it's going to help us for the future.

PARKER BALDWIN: Yeah, the fans really give us energy, especially when you see a big crowd out there, it gives us energy and boosts us when we're down. Maybe when we're trailing in the game, gives us that boost we need. And especially playing in front of that home crowd, you've got to protect your house. You know, I think seeing all those people gave us the extra boost we needed to pull it out.

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