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September 8, 2018

Frank Wilson

San Antonio, Texas

Baylor - 37, UTSA - 20

Q. I know you don't believe in moral victories, but the team played better than week one. What did you say to your team in the locker room?
HEAD COACH FRANK WILSON: Far from being complacent or content; the object is to win the football game, but before the game, here is what I said to our team; that you go out and you compete. You put yourselves in position; we'll put you in position to make plays and when those plays are called upon you to make, you make them, to the best of your ability; and if we go out and play to the best of our ability, we'll live with whatever the results may be.

I thought our team took a step in the right direction. I thought we were vastly improved from a week ago. You know, from a defensive standpoint, we were more stout from a rush defense, but what happens when you do that, you put defensive backs on an island, and for the most part, you know, I thought we did tackle, once the ball was caught underneath.

Balls weren't necessarily going down the field over our head. We gave up some stuff underneath, but they needed to show us that they could be that disciplined, that methodical to go down the field and earn it, as opposed to compromising and allowing balls to be deep down the field.

So we tackled better than we did a week ago and that was evidence from the rush game standpoint. I thought offensively, we took steps in the right direction. Still not quite there yet.

And at the end of the day, here is what I said to our team: When we're good enough, we'll be good enough and right now, we're not good enough to have earned a victory, but we are better today than we were last Saturday.

Q. Keeping along the same lines, with Cordale tonight, compared to last week, it seemed like he felt better, he felt more confident, looked more confident out on the field. Did you see that?
HEAD COACH FRANK WILSON: I did. I thought he tried to compose himself. It wasn't a perfect game by him, but he was a little more precise. Had a few throws that were errant in some regard, but I thought he managed the game well. I thought he showed poise and leadership for our football team and was able to mount together several drives that were double digits and when you're able to do that, it speaks to the discipline of your football team. I thought his day was much him proved.

Q. I know you were talking about defending the dome and all of that, as Matt Rhule was walking back, he turned around to the police officers that he was -- that were escorting him back and he said, you know, it's the loudest place I've ever played in since I played in the Big 12.
HEAD COACH FRANK WILSON: I think he's a stud. Matt Rhule is a good guy. Had a chance to visit with him right before the game, and always very respectful of our football program and what we're doing, and the feelings are mutual. I think his team is much improved from a year ago, as well.

And it takes time. It takes time to do it the right way. But I think it was a tremendous compliment and a testament to our city and our fan base who are loud, who are rowdy, if you will, and felt good to be home and to have that type of support from this city and if we can continue to have; that this team -- I think it was a big part of why we played well at times; that we're able to lean in and to listen to the rally cry from our fans.

Q. Watching the battle between Baylor's receivers and your corners, your guys were playing hard all night but were out-physicaled in some situations. What did you tell your corners? Did you have a message for them?
HEAD COACH FRANK WILSON: No, I did not isolate them and tell them what they did wrong, at all. I spoke to our team as a whole, and spoke about the improvement we've made. We'll go back and watch this film, and throughout, across the board, we'll identify those things that we need to improve upon and will improve on them.

But no, I didn't point anything out to them, what they did wrong on this night post-victory at this point.

Q. What about B.J. Daniels? Seemed like a pretty solid guy.
HEAD COACH FRANK WILSON: I thought he ran with physicality. I thought he made a lot of nice cuts. He ran with ball security, good pad level and showed the reason why we recruited him. I thought his production was really good today. Stepped in, Jalen Rhodes got a little dinged, so he wasn't 100 percent tonight.

You know, our starting left guard was down toward and we had a young Jacob Graner walk-on, left guard, started for us today and I thought he did an admirable job.

But just really proud of the direction that our team is headed in. We'll need to continue. We are a constant work-in-progress, but we'll get there.

Q. What about this quarterback from Baylor? Just two weeks in a row, just really good facing really good quarterbacks. Do you think that's going to help your defensive backfield as you move forward this week?
HEAD COACH FRANK WILSON: Yeah, I thought -- he was a really good high school player, and played in the back end for that team, the last four games I believe he started, and you saw his accuracy and his ability to run and throw.

So really quality quarterback that we faced for the second week in a row. I think certainly iron sharpens iron and when we play the type of teams we're playing, we'll only get better because of it.

Q. What about Jared Sackett? He hit 46 (yard) and 47 (yard) field goals, that's a big deal.
HEAD COACH FRANK WILSON: Yeah, that's a big deal, and he was very confident. He tried to get me to let him go for one that was 52. I said, "Easy, Big Boy." (Laughter).

He's been that way in practice consistently. He's able to hit them for us in practice and it's one of the reasons he was able to go in there, Freshman All-American, Freshman All Conference Honors; is a true freshman. We like his consistency and his approach in the game. There's no moment too big for him, and he actually doubled duty, as well as kickoff tonight.

Thank you guys so much.

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