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September 8, 2018

Brandon Wimbush

South Bend, Indiana

Ball State - 16, Notre Dame - 24

Q. Sort of walk us through the game plan. Was it designed to get you more comfortable passing the ball and running it less?
BRANDON WIMBUSH: No, I think -- speaking of game plan, I think we were able to watch one game of their defense where they implemented and incorporated their new defense that they had this year. So we thought we would be able to take the gimmies and the easy throws and then make big plays out of them, and we had a good game plan in terms of running the ball. Some things sometimes just don't work as effectively as you may wish, but I think we did a good job of kind of mixing it up.

Q. I mean it wasn't a situation where you were intentionally trying to pass it and not run zone read or anything like that?
BRANDON WIMBUSH: No, we had our RPO's and the defense that they played prompted me to throw the ball out.

Q. Did you talk to the offensive line at all? Both Sam and Alex said that they were going to be better down the line and some of that you probably feel it was mutual. Talk about the pressure that their defensive line put on them?
BRANDON WIMBUSH: Yeah, we spoke about it. I think we all have to do our part in being better, it's me protecting myself, getting us the right protection and I have no doubt that my guys up front are going to do their job and that's never an issue for me. So those guys are leaders up front and I know they will take it as a responsibility to get better and improve each week.

Q. I saw after one play a Ball State guy was shoving Liam and you gave him a shove back. Was that just to let Liam know you have his back or were you letting out frustration or both?
BRANDON WIMBUSH: That's my guy. I got to protect him. He protects me, I got to protect him. Just showing some fire, just trying to show some fire for the guys, get a little energy going and like I said, I'm going to protect my linemen.

Q. You talked about only having one game to evaluate of their new defense and new defensive front, so I mean were the pressures coming from areas that you hadn't seen, were they mixing that up as the game progressed?
BRANDON WIMBUSH: A couple times they did bring in some new blitzes and you just got to adjust. You got to use your knowledge and your, the things that you've been taught maybe previously and get your self protected. But I think for a majority of the most part we have seen all their looks and we were able to protect it up.

Q. What's the feeling after this game?
BRANDON WIMBUSH: The feeling after this game? It's not a good one. You kind of want, you want to perform better. You want to win to the Notre Dame standard. We hold ourself to a high standard and Coach Kelly and the rest of the coaching staff emphasizes that every day and we clearly didn't play to our standard today.

Q. How about your own performance, how would you grade that and where were you say your confidence is coming out of this game?
BRANDON WIMBUSH: Three picks, I mean, I don't give myself an A, a B, I would say D, D plus. You can't throw three interceptions and win games that are going to be vital to the team's success. So we got to clean it up on all parts. So, I mean, confidence-wise, I'm not going to lack confidence, but I got to be better.

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