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September 1, 2018

Billy McCrary

Waco, Texas

Abilene Christian - 27, Baylor - 55

Q. I want to ask a little bit more about your high school days. When is the last time you played in a game?
BILLY McCRARY: I mean, my sophomore year at Cal. Yeah, sophomore year at Cal. I got like a total of five carries and that was just at the end against USC and Washington. So it's been basically since high school since I've gotten in and gotten a real game going.

Q. And it's only Baylor?
BILLY McCRARY: Oh, it's a big team, especially for us. I think we played great.

Q. You had a fantastic night.
BILLY McCRARY: I mean, like I said, I'm just glad to get in there. That's why I came here. I love these guys. I was with Luke when I kind of talked with Luke when I first was coming here, and I just wanted an opportunity to play, and that's what I got. So it's just great to show what I can actually do.

Q. But you knew what you were walking into though. This team was horrible running the ball last year. You ran more than what they averaged per game last year?
BILLY McCRARY: I think we made improvements on O-line too. That's been a big thing. Those guys were blocking their butts off tonight. I'm happy with how they performed. So I'm going to give them the credit.

Q. You saw what you could do with the big drives.
BILLY McCRARY: I wasn't trying to do it, but it's great. But I'm going to give the -- whatever, yeah.

Q. Did you have any idea you'd be able to have this kind of game?
BILLY McCRARY: I mean, I prepared for it. I got my chance to go in and made it kind of late in the first period, late in the second, so I took the most advantage I could of the opportunity. And I feel like I did a pretty good job.

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