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August 31, 2018

Kyahva Tezino

Juwan Washington

Stanford, California


Stanford - 31, San Diego State - 10

Q. How did you feel about your team's effort in this game today? You guys really dominated in the first half, seemed like, and then they kind of broke through and made some changes, looked like. What was your view of what happened?
JUWAN WASHINGTON: We just gotta come out with the same intensity, keep it throughout the whole game. They came out and played a really good game. We have to do better throughout the season. We're not going to stay the same. We've gotta get better throughout the whole year and keep the intensity the whole game.

Q. Did you intentionally target Love today, because you (inaudible) stopped him cold. You had, like, ten times as much yardage as Love did?
KYAHVA TEZINO: We just took pride in what we do and that was to stop the run. We felt like we had to come in and be the more physical team. We felt we were going to be a good team. As you guys could see we came out the first quarter and hit them in the mouth. But we gotta finish it. The second quarter we came out, they made some changes and we just gotta step up and make plays.

Q. You mean in the second half?
JUWAN WASHINGTON: In the second half.

Q. You guys really dominated the first half. The score was almost even in the first half. Did Stanford surprise you at all in something they did? Seemed like your defense you absolutely had it figured out?
KYAHVA TEZINO: On the defensive side, they didn't surprise us at all. We knew it was going to be a dogfight. We knew they was going to run it; they knew we was going to run it. We just, second half, like I said, they started passing the ball. And No. 19 is a good player. He went up and started getting them. We just gotta come out second half and be better than our first half.

Q. 27 was too short to cover 19. He just didn't have the heighth. He jumped, he just got outjumped a couple times.
KYAHVA TEZINO: He's going to make a lot of plays for us. He's going to be a good player by the time we finish the season. It's not a height thing. Its just No. 19 is making plays. We've got to make plays in the future. That's all there is to it.

Q. He was right there with him every time. It was a contest every time.
KYAHVA TEZINO: That's football. You're going to win some. Lose some. Keep playing. Not going to give up on him. He's going to make a lot of plays.

Q. One, he tripped and fell down. He fell down.
KYAHVA TEZINO: That's just football.

Q. What's your big takeaways, each of you, from the game today that you can take into next week's game?
JUWAN WASHINGTON: For me it's just that finish -- finish how we start. That's the biggest thing.

Q. Who do you play next week?
JUWAN WASHINGTON: We play Sacramento state next week.

Q. You guys are going to be good.
JUWAN WASHINGTON: We just gotta start how we finish. That's our biggest thing. As you guys can see we are a young team, but we have experience. And we have guys that is ready to go. We just gotta come out and play our best to our abilities in the second half, obviously.

KYAHVA TEZINO: Another thing is -- things you can take away from tonight, we made a lot of good plays also. We didn't win this game, but there's a lot of good things we can take away from.

Q. The game was a lot closer than the score.
KYAHVA TEZINO: You can take a lot of good things away from this, and we can build on that and it will help us in the future. Not just a negative day for all of us. We're going to go out there --

Q. It's the first game.
KYAHVA TEZINO: Watch film and correct. That's all we're going to do is just get better.

Q. Everybody needed to tune up, right?
KYAHVA TEZINO: Just improve every week.

Q. Juwan, do you feel you (inaudible)?
JUWAN WASHINGTON: Yeah, you know, started off slow a little bit. I was trying to get a feel for the rhythm of the game, getting back full speed, and just trusting my vision and my holes and stuff and just follow behind my O line. Once I started doing that it picked up a little bit.

Q. (Inaudible)?
JUWAN WASHINGTON: Yeah, I talked to him before the game, just trust my ability and just go behind the big guys and follow behind them. I kind of got used to doing it.

Q. After that first run, did you feel like you got in a groove (indiscernible)?
JUWAN WASHINGTON: Yeah, just more of a rhythm thing. Once you get comfortable, I just felt a little more comfortable as drives were going on and it just helped out a lot. And those guys start being physical up front. You just gotta keep it going.

Q. Kyahva, how surprised were you (inaudible) because it seems like (inaudible)? What you guys did, how surprised were you with K.J.'s performance?
KYAHVA TEZINO: I'm from LA; he's a local guy from California. I already knew about him. I already knew he could pass. I knew he was a high recruit coming out of high school. I knew about him. I told the whole team about him. We all knew.

But that's not what we expected him to come in and do. We expected him (inaudible) Heisman hopeful, and that's what we focused on. And obviously we did what we had to do. They made some changes second half and they started letting him swing the ball. We just gotta go up and make plays. We gotta make plays.

Q. (Inaudible) passing game or how did you feel about?
KYAHVA TEZINO: Not really because it's just one-on-one -- what you saw. Our corner has to make a play and their receiver has to make a play. It's just really one-on-one backside.

That might have been it. Maybe the corners was thinking, okay, we need to be more into the run. But they just had to make a play. Not just the defense as a whole; we have to come in and start how we finish a game.

Q. You got that big play, the interception late in the second quarter. (Inaudible) was that a momentum change?
KYAHVA TEZINO: I think that had a big deal with it. But in football you go against adversity. We've just got to let that go, just go back out there and do what we do.

Q. What made it so tough for you all to stop Arcega-Whiteside? He seemed to get it going. He had those three touchdowns. What did you need to do to stop that guy in particular?
KYAHVA TEZINO: That guy is a good player. I wouldn't be surprised if he would go high in the draft probably this year. We just have to get our corners more experience. As you know they were picking on our inexperienced guy, Kyree Woods. And then we put in Barcoo. They were picking on him the majority of the time. And they did it.

He was the youngest. They wouldn't go on the wrong side. They found a weakness, I guess, in our defense and he was just -- he was just lacking experience.

Q. What can you take away, just playing a tough opponent like Stanford? You can build on that, you can only get better from here.
KYAHVA TEZINO: We can build a lot.

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