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August 29, 2018

Wilmer Cabrera

Harrison, New Jersey

Red Bulls - 1, Dynamo - 0

WÍLMER CABRERA: Sadly, we're still passing the ball to the opponents in order for them to score. That's what happened against FC Dallas. It was a mistake right there that we passed the ball to the opponent, and today again. We don't clear the ball, we just pass the ball to them. Those mistakes are killing us.

At the end, it's my responsibility. But the players, they need to step up. When we have to defend, we need to clear the ball. We cannot give the ball away right there for the other team just to finish. We have to do better because this is what is killing us, individual mistakes, individual errors. You know, we can't -- we make changes, we give chances, we try to push, but at the end, you know, we cannot make those mistakes, those errors, because we're going to -- now it's 1-0, and then when we have the ball in front of the goal to finish, we're not finishing. It's our reality, but we have to be better, especially defensively. We cannot make errors. If the other team beats us and finish, I can respect that. But we cannot give the ball to the opponents. That's not going to happen -- that cannot happen.

Q. Aside from the result, is there any positive takeaways that you get out of this match?
WÍLMER CABRERA: We have to win. We need to win. We're playing for our life right here. And we got -- that's not good enough. It wasn't good enough. For some players that they're expecting to play, that they need to give us a hand, that wasn't good enough. Right now, we have to push harder because we're losing. Yeah, it's one mistake, but the one mistake is killing us. And then when we have chances, we're too soft.

So right now, I'm pushing some guys. And some other guys definitely cannot play.

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