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August 26, 2018

Ben Olsen

Harrison, New Jersey

New York Red Bulls - 1, DC United - 0

Q. Your thoughts on the performance?
BEN OLSEN: You know, I think they have the better of it in the second half. But that's what they do. They kind of wear you down. It was a good exercise in trying to stay at a really high level when it comes to focus and intensity. But overall, it's still a game where we had a few chances that we should get something out of that game, and they seemed to make the play that mattered. It was back and forth. Both teams had a couple looks.

So it's what it is. We'll get back to it quickly against Philadelphia, which is a huge game, and then Atlanta. So not a lot of time to dwell on this one. It's more about just getting the bodies back and getting ready for Wednesday.

Q. The decision to take Wayne off, you have another game Wednesday?
BEN OLSEN: Yeah, that's part of it, right. You don't want to, Wayne had a lot of travel. Wayne went back for some family stuff and you know, even with the chance, and some of that is fatigue. He's still getting his legs a little bit. I thought he was great. Yeah, it was geared towards -- twofold, getting them a few minutes, but also giving some energy to the game. I thought Darren, Ulises did a very good job when he came on.

Q. I know you're not too much into moral victories, but fair to say there's a decent amount of positives in this game?
BEN OLSEN: Yeah, sure. I mean, they are there. But again, this game, I think we came in, our mentality was good for the most part, it was a pretty good performance.

It's hard to play this team. It's hard to play the way you want to play against them. They make you adapt to them, so you come in and you have to be physical and you have to be super focused because they are coming right down your throat and they are going to come right down your throat again and they are going to wear you down and wear you down.

You have to sustain that. You have to sustain that focus and physicality, and that's how they continue to get wins, and they have got some play makers. Let's face, it they have got some guys that can make some plays. I thought they wore us down a little bit the second half. They got their chance. But we still see that transition soccer from us is pretty good, and we had the looks we needed to get something going.

Q. Is that his left ankle?
BEN OLSEN: Yeah, a little bit of a tweak there, ankle, and see how he responds.

Q. You guys decided to let him go the second half?
BEN OLSEN: It's tough to get that guy off the field. He wants to be out there. Just didn't respond, so gave him a chance to run it off, but it was significant enough that we thought the change needed to happen.

Q. Mentally, I imagine this is going to be a big challenge now for this team to turn around, get home and have two vital games this week.
BEN OLSEN: Yeah, the rest of the season is going to be a challenge. I think we're ready for that part, and understand the significance of each game now. We're in that stretch where every point matters and in particular, taking care of your home games and getting three points and understanding that getting three against Philly is, you know, halts their progression, and all this stuff plays into it now.

So that's okay. Tough place to play. Always tough. But we'll put this one behind us very quickly and get our heads on film.

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