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August 5, 2018

Bob Bradley

Harrison, New Jersey

New York Red Bulls - 2, Los Angeles FC - 1

Q. Your overall thoughts on tonight game?
BOB BRADLEY: Hard-fought game. Difficult conditions. I thought we did a good job to get back to 1-1 and really lost the game -- we have a real chance now from our end, but we still make some mistakes. Bradley Wright-Phillips started running between Jordan and Laurent, and we don't do a good enough job and I hate to see.

Q. Quick turnaround?
BOB BRADLEY: Yeah, quick turnaround. Size everybody. Semifinal, so everybody will be excited. I've said many times, I think we're going if a good direction but certainly not making plays late in games.

Q. What has Jordan brought?
BOB BRADLEY: Jordan's experienced, works hard, still improving. The idea is in terms of how we play football, he's really done well to take new ideas and very pleased with what he's done to help us here.

Q. Are you playing more than you thought in the beginning of the season?
BOB BRADLEY: I knew he was an important guy. We also feel like -- he's continuing to make progress as a young player, and in those ways, we feel good about having two players.

Q. With semifinal on the cusp, any thoughts of tinkering with the roster or rotation?
BOB BRADLEY: Yeah, you think about that but we're also at a point in the season where we feel like we're fit -- I want to putt a good team on the field today, and then size up everything and then put a good team on the field Wednesday.

Q. Without Kaye, are you going to be looking to Eduard and Benny Feilhaber as a central mid-pairing going forward?
BOB BRADLEY: Well, Eduard has been very good for us this year. He didn't start today primarily because he was out for four weeks and he came on when Mark-Anthony Kaye was injured.

So with the fast turnaround, Eduard was a guy that we had the feeling that it was going to be hard for him to put in two 90-minute efforts at this point, and then we also are excited with what Andre Horta can bring, and like any player who comes into the league at this point in the year, there's a little bit of time to adapt. But we feel confident that he's going to make a difference.

Q. What do you think about the overall play of the rookies?
BOB BRADLEY: I thought Diego was excellent today. Constant threat. Obviously scores the goal and putts so much into it.

As a young player in this league, he started really well. There was a little period where it didn't come quite as easy, but I think he's started well.

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