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June 23, 2018

Oscar Pareja

Harrison, New Jersey

New York Red Bulls - 3, FC Dallas - 0

ÓSCAR PAREJA: First, congratulations. They played a remarkable game. Playing with ten men, being able to hold the result, the lead, at the beginning of the game, playing that hard just to create options, it was very good.

From us, very frustrated. We had the opportunity to level the game. We had some opportunities to create -- for them but tonight, we have to learn from this experience. As I said to the players, we have the desire to put them on the field and try to do the things that I assign you to do and all these things. But today wasn't the day and things couldn't come together and we take that as a result.

Q. The Red Bulls are a team that they are very high-energy and they win a lot of games, just kind of with that. Was this a case where you guys, despite the advantage, 11-10, didn't match their intensity?
ÓSCAR PAREJA: I would say that they have a lot of energy and for some reason we couldn't match that. We have many parts of the game where we could have done a better job but we couldn't. As I said, it was a night to just learn and review and see what happened because today it really -- we don't make it.

Q. Acosta came off after half an hour. Was that injury-related or something else?
ÓSCAR PAREJA: You know, we have the advantage of one man and we wanted to move forward, we decided to go with three midfielders in the middle that can cover ground, but when we went one man up, we wanted to add another forward and we wanted to sacrifice one of those midfielders, and in this case that was him.

Q. Was that tactical? He had issues with his groin but was he good?
ÓSCAR PAREJA: He has been getting back into his rhythm, and we are trying to add minutes and to give him a chance to recover and be himself. But today it was more tactical decision just to have another forward.

Q. He walked right off through the tunnel, looked pretty upset. Do you understand that reaction or are you upset?
ÓSCAR PAREJA: No, no. I understand. I understand the players. We are all frustrated but I back the players up, especially in a situation like this.

You know, in this moment is when they need us the most, especially a leader, and today, what happened in the game, that upset us, but the first analysis has to come from us, especially from me. But with the players now and the attitude, we can become frustrated and it's normal. Kellyn gives his heart for this team and has grown here, and I know that he has frustration of no, sir being able to help in the moment, but Kellyn is fine.

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