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June 13, 2018

Brian Schmetzer

Harrison, New Jersey

New York Red Bulls - 2, Seattle Sounders - 1

Q. Your thoughts after tonight's 2-1 loss to the Red Bulls?
BRIAN SCHMETZER: Well, at the end of the day, goals are going to change games. We worked all week on getting a little more possession, being a little more dangerous. We get some shots on target.

Harry finally breaks through at the end. But you know, they get a goal right before half time. We could have equalized changes the game, changes the complexity of the game, doesn't happen. They come out the second half and that's just classic, textbook stuff. They get another goal just on the other side of half time and it's hard for the team to recover.

What I was proud of, though, is the team never quit. They never stopped fighting. Testament, again, to the strength of the group. We got one a little late but certainly wasn't enough.

Q. Victor misses his chance right before halftime. You make a chance, bringing in Dempsey, what was your thoughts on the trade --
BRIAN SCHMETZER: We knew that was going to happen. That was already planned but when they scored the goal and we came in at halftime, we just accelerated that a little bit. We were going to bring Clint on, try to run some sting into the game, which I thought worked in some ways. You know, I'll take a look at the tape and see how they got their goal, get in behind us.

But you know, he was just -- he was going to come on. Just brought him earlier than I thought.

Q. Was that change different than bringing in Bruin?
BRIAN SCHMETZER: Yeah, he's still fighting plantar fasciitis, and he just couldn't make it through the game.

Q. How do you think Ozzie, Nicolas and Victor looked together for the first time in a match this year?
BRIAN SCHMETZER: Good. They were fine. I mean, you can tell, we have some decent spells of possession. They are just not quite enough.

Q. Goal goes in, getting an equalizer --
BRIAN SCHMETZER: Would have been nice. I think we've done that a couple years past. We've scored some death here -- but it wasn't meant to be. Tough place to play. Not the result we wanted but we'll keep fighting.

Q. What do you do at the break, give them some time off to refresh?
BRIAN SCHMETZER: They will have some time to mentally recharge and physically recharge. We'll get back after it in Chicago back at home.

Q. Given how lopsided a lot of the game was, does that late goal change the ultimate take away for you? If you had lost 2-0 instead of 2-1, would you be taking anything different out of the game?
BRIAN SCHMETZER: Your point is well taken. The goal is a sign, a symbol, that there's life in the team, but was that really going to be enough? You know, probably not. They had a ton of chances in the second half. They could have put the game right a little sooner. But again, that's soccer. That's the way games go sometimes. I thought they opened themselves up sometimes in the first half and put some of those past chances away. Maybe game is different.

Q. Were you happy with the physicality and the possession side of retaking possession?
BRIAN SCHMETZER: No. So we won the duel battle but we lost the possession. We have to be able to do both on a consistent basis. I thought New York came out and played the way they do. They press high up the field and if you get up around them, they will foul you, stop the flow of the game.

You know, that's physicality. Our guys go in and those guys win some challenges and some duels, but nothing that I would say extreme.

Q. You were having a long chat with some of your assistants on the field after the game. Was that a typical thing or unusually long or unusually emotional?
BRIAN SCHMETZER: We're just trying to collect our thoughts because you know, everybody gets a little emotional after losses. So we're just trying to calm down a little bit and make sure that we have the right message for the guys in the locker room.

Q. Obviously Nicolas --
BRIAN SCHMETZER: He's been great. He's been very good. He scored the goal for us that set us off in our home match and tonight he gives everything, all the time. He's still playing with a broken toe.

Q. Does he seem a little down or off?
BRIAN SCHMETZER: No. He hasn't played any matches, so he needs to regain some of that match sharpness, but he's good. Very good.

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