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June 6, 2018

Patrick Vieira

Harrison, New Jersey

New York Red Bulls - 4, NYC FC - 0

Q. I know the tournament has at approval of only the five international players among the 18, but when you take out your 11, was there a lot of looking ahead because Atlanta was on the weekend and it didn't seem like could you have been your best 11.
PATRICK VIEIRA: Alex hurt his knee -- two games in a week -- (Inaudible.)

Q. Last time you guys -- how do you explain that --
PATRICK VIEIRA: It is a frustration. It is a frustration. I think we make it very difficult for our says. It's a tough place to come -- you know, we, and then it was really difficult for us to get into the game. We create a few situations. We had a few chances but the first goal was very difficult for us.

Q. Taking out on the 16th minute, was it to rest for Saturday's game? And wanted to get your impression of Jo --
PATRICK VIEIRA: I think David was feeling his limit and again, with David, we need players, we don't want to take a risk and that's why we take him off.

Jo, I think Jo is a future -- he's a really strong personality. We have to work well with him in the next couple of years because I believe that he has got the potential to be -- in the future.

Q. As you continue to build this club, when will it have -- or how far do you see that it has enough domestic players, quality players, for this competition?
PATRICK VIEIRA: I think we give it time. I think you look at I think the difference, as well, between the two teams, I think both teams had player who didn't play often, I would say, but they look more sharp than us and I think one of the reason is they have the B Team and the B Team allow those players to play every week.

Tony, Jo -- it's going to be difficult for them because they have played so many games lately and to play that kind of games, that tempo, they struggle a little bit physically and it's important for us as a club to try to have this second team that we allowed those young players to keep playing every week.

Q. What's the frustration right now, entering the fourth round and you can't get out of it. What is the change for the future of the club?
PATRICK VIEIRA: I think it is a frustration because this is a competition that allows you to play in the Champions League and you only have five games to play and it is a frustration.

But I think we need to understand that, you know, with the international rules, and really need to believe that we have a D-Team -- but it is a difficult day for us because we wanted to do well in the competition.

Q. You mentioned the lack of minutes for some of the players but isn't part of that weakness of the club self-imposed on the choices you made?

Q. When you mention that players like Jonathan Lewis don't get a lot of minutes, that's a decision that you make.
PATRICK VIEIRA: Yeah, of course, that's a decision I make, but -- Jonathan we take him from the draft and when you look at the people who are in front of him, I think it is difficult for him to play every week.

Of course, that's my responsibility to find time for him, but it's very difficult when you don't have a team that allowed him to play every week because with my experience, you can train well every single day, but the reality is that you need games and you need proper game.

I think the difference, as well, I think when you have the Red Bulls and the No. 1 players coming through the academy, you're not surprised because they have a challenge game every week that allow them to improve, and until we have that, it will be difficult to improve those young players that we have on the squad on our team.

Q. May be an unfair question to ask of you, but how seen can you get that second team so those guys can get the minutes they need?
PATRICK VIEIRA: I do understand you guys are quite impatient, but you really shouldn't forget the club is only four years old and of course, we are behind the Red Bulls because of the way they have been working the last couple of years and we have been through it. I think it's a question of time.

I think our priority now is to have a stadium, and when you have a stadium in one of the five boroughs, that's a cost, as well. So I think we have to go step by step and we know what we need to do to improve and we can do it.

Today is a difficult day, especially for those young players who played, but that's -- you know, they will learn from that game. We still believe that they have talent. We are going to keep working with them and we are going to keep helping them and -- because of the lack of games, but you know, we have a small squad. Cedric was injured today and that will allow somebody else to have a little bit more games.

Q. How is it looking for Cedric?
PATRICK VIEIRA: He felt his hamstring and we need to wait until tomorrow, I think 48 hours and he will do the exam and then we can have a better idea.

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