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May 26, 2018

Tim Curtin

Harrison, New Jersey

New York Red Bulls - 0, Philadelphia Union - 0

TIM CURTIN: Before I talk about the game, I think it's important to point out the kickoff -- you see 13 American players on the field, which is something that I don't think the you're going to see too often in MLS. In both teams, it's something that's important and it's also very good soccer being played on the field. So we have good players in this country, firstly, get that out of the way.

In terms of how we played, Red Bull, best team in the League right now. You watch them, you watch the Champions League games, and they play with an intensity that is -- no one can match in our league and I thought today that we with a lot of young players stepped up and created enough chances to win the game. The guys are actually disappointed in the locker room which is a change and not a usual feeling in this building because it is a very tough place to play.

Very happy, you can watch two center backs that are kids playing against Bradley Wright-Phillips, and did he have a couple chances and looks today? Yes, but overall their growth and development, limiting opportunities for Red Bull was very good.

Really proud of my entire team. They did everything -- thanks to the fans for coming and on a different night, we had the two delays, created enough chances to win, and so it does feel tough but I am proud of the overall effort.

Q. The center backs, two of the American players you were referring to, to sustain that for all 90 minutes in the weather and against Kaku, how much does that say about their growth?
TIM CURTIN: As a coach, I can't create that in practice. It's impossible. Until they go through it, I try my hardest to create it but I can't. The intensity that they play at, the speed of game, a young player is never going to be used to that and for them to both step up and handle it can confidence, with winning tackles, playing with a yellow card, too, by the way, playing smart -- we have asked them now through the weeks to grow and they are growing before our eyes and they are impressing. They are impressing the other staff, as well.

Again happy with where they are at. But it was a total team effort. Don't want to take away from the rest of the group. I think everybody put a lot into it and again, almost disappointed that we didn't make three points.

Q. Being aggressive, what was the mind-set like trying to bring fresh legs on?
TIM CURTIN: We want to be aggressive on the road and we want to play the same home and away, always a difficult thing but I thought we wanted to be proactive with ourselves. Again, maybe try to steal a goal left, so we went with Illsinho, who I thought impacted things, David gave us some light and then Corey, just to get pressure when CJ started to lose a little bit of his legs.

Overall, three attacks subs to try to get points on the road. We're chasing a little bit now in terms of the playoffs. Still early but at the same time wanted to be impressive and I thought the performance was good enough to chase a win.

Q. What do you say --
TIM CURTIN: He's a striker and you have to have a short term memory. Again, it's a tough one. Top players miss PKs. It happens all the time. It's important that our teammates pick them up.

Overall I thought Philly put in a good shift, fought for it. Again it's not one person or one play that it comes down to. Over 90 minutes, there's enough chances for both teams and probably should have had a goal in the first half if we're being honest.

Q. Is it worrying you, the penalty kick --
TIM CURTIN: The penalty miss -- again, he just approached and we were going the wrong way and just pushed it a little bit to the right. It happens to a striker and he'll bounce back quick and I know he will, and all the good ones have short-term memories and they are worried about the next chance.

Q. Bradley Wright-Phillips --
TIM CURTIN: Yeah, we talked all week and we prepared all week for a high-pressure situation, not wanting to play four- and five-yard ball; we wanted our spacing to be good. I thought they were calm and did a lot of what we asked to dribble out of pressure so that they are not able to initiate that press.

So they moved the ball well. Very composed. Passed the ball good with both feet for both of them. I think that's another level to their game that think bring. The physicality and the winning of duels they do excellent.

Q. Two results on the road -- how important now that you're able to get a point?
TIM CURTIN: Yeah, it's important to get points on the road but this game and performance will mean nothing if we don't follow it up again quickly on Wednesday. We go Wednesday, Saturday, Tuesday, Friday now, so we are going to need the full squad. Again this takes a lot out of guys' legs, a game with this intensity and this heat but I think every one of our guys grew a bit in the game, even the older guys, I think they raised their level, as well. A unique game, I thought a good game, and as exciting as you can have, but these types of games we see young players growing and developing on both teams.

Q. The heat --
TIM CURTIN: He just cramped up at the end. He'll be fine.

I think we have a much deeper team now and you look at our squad -- Ilsinho, Corey, you can argue could be in our starting lineup -- we have guys now that have significant minutes and we have much more depth and now you can go to the guys that are quote, unquote, reserves a lot quicker and with a lot more confidence. That's a credit to Ernie for the squad that we have, Chris. So again we have a deeper team now so it's easier to do that rotating, and we've done it already this year with Montréal.

Q. The battle with the midfield --
TIM CURTIN: Yeah, it's fun to watch -- would have a couple opportunities where they turned us over a couple times with their pressure and their legs and you would see the intelligence sometimes of Haris and Oli to pass through them, also. It was a back-and-forth game. Both teams had chances. I think we had the better chances on the day but again, it's a 0-0 result and a tie in this building is still a positive one. But overall, that match up was fun to watch on the day.

Q. How do you feel about this performance going into Wednesday?
TIM CURTIN: Confident. That's the most powerful thing there is that we have a group in the locker room that's confident. I was asked the question last week, I think we are a good team. You guys with write what you want on that.

People have their thoughts, but we have a team that can play with anybody. That's the best team in the League and that's my feeling. Watch them play Champions League and watch them play this season against Atlanta last week on the road, that's a really good team. On a different night, we get three points.

It's very fickle -- at the end with a sub, things can change in the blink of an eye. We did our best to limit their strong players and we limited their opportunities and tried to not give them good looks and at the same time, you need your goalkeeper to make big saves, and Andre did that, as well.

It's a team sport, it's a team effort now, and you look at the group that we have, and Mark McKenzie and Auston Trusty and Keegan Rosenberry, if they don't have Andre behind them. We need each other and we're going to have to lean on each other with a very busy stretch.

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