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January 22, 2018

Juwan Morgan

Zach McRoberts

Justin Smith

Bloomington, Indiana

Indiana - 71, Maryland - 68

Q. Juwan, you guys were down like 7:52 you scored maybe like six or eight points, what turned it around at that point?
JUWAN MORGAN: It was really just hunkering down on the defensive end. As we continued to get stops we just got more and more run-outs and that opened up some things for our offense. And also just playing to our strengths -- everybody, nobody was trying to do anything out of character. And as we got further into the game we just kept getting those big stops.

Q. Juwan, what were the last two or three days like for you? We're you in pain? Was there any doubts you would play? Take us through the last 48, 72 hours?
JUWAN MORGAN: The first day I was in a lot of pain. I didn't think I was going to be able to play. But just continuous treatment and being here with training staff and just getting all the things I needed to get done. And it started to feel good and it hurt not being in practice because the guys were going hard in practice, so it was the least I could do going out tonight and giving it my all.

Q. Zach, (indiscernible) what's he bring, what's he do?
ZACH MCROBERTS: He played great for us tonight, on defense, offense. That big rebound towards the end after the missed free throw was huge for us. Just a little bit of everything. Obviously you see how important he is for us. It was good he could be out there tonight.

Q. That stretch when Maryland goes on a 5-0 run, and I think Coach calls timeout and you hit 'em back with a 7- or a 9-0 run. Is there something different in this team that maybe you wouldn't have been able to respond so quite directly that way maybe a couple of months ago? Did you see growth in the team that way?
JUWAN MORGAN: I definitely see growth. Before he called timeout, just walking back -- because I think it was a dead ball turnover when we were walking back before he called timeout and we just knew we had to get a stop and turn it around before things got out of hand. When he called that -- it was pretty much a player-driven timeout. He didn't have to say much; we knew what we had to do and we got it done.

Q. Juwan, so you don't practice, (inaudible) early, 70 percent, 80 percent, and what drives (inaudible)?
JUWAN MORGAN: It was at 100 percent tonight. And like I said, it was just the least I could do for my team. The way they were just going at it in practice and just really giving it their all then, it was the least I could do for them tonight. And I just went out there and showed what I could do.

Q. Was that something where they were going to watch you in warmups and make a decision or when did you know you were going to play tonight?
JUWAN MORGAN: I pretty much knew this morning just coming in and the trainer, Timmy G., was having me walk around and do some cutting in the training room. And I kind of knew it felt good. I knew I was going to be going.

THE MODERATOR: The team is now 4-0 in five games, five points or less, three of those were in Big Ten. They're 4-0 now in games five points or less.

Q. Justin, everybody seemed to play (indiscernible) tonight and you had a great night as well playing very effectively. Everybody seemed to play efficiently tonight. What led to that (inaudible)?
JUSTIN SMITH: I mean, I would say just how we prepared in practice. We really got after it and we really focused on the details. Because against Michigan State we kind of let the little things that make a good team go, we let that go. And that's what we really focused on in practice and we really went out there and showcased that tonight.

Q. There was a tangible dip in their points per possession right after halftime. Was there anything specific in terms of adjustment or maybe things said at halftime that really kind of keyed a strong defensive effort coming out of the break.
ZACH MCROBERTS: I don't think it was anything specific, just going in the locker room saying we need to lock guys up, play better defense. And then just focus on that in the beginning of the second half was a big focus for us. So just coming out there, locking guys up, playing team defense.

Q. Juwan, talk about the follow-up on the missed free throw there. What -- did you see where it was going to come off or sense where it was going to come off? Talk about that.
JUWAN MORGAN: I thought it was about to roll in and I jumped before it came out. And then by the time I came back down it was coming off. I knew I had enough time to get it off the ground before -- I think it was No. 10 who was blocking me out, and I just reached over him and got it and it was wide open.

Q. Take us through this dunk. What did you see (inaudible) how did it feel?
JUSTIN SMITH: I mean Zach made a great play stealing the ball and I was running with him. I honestly didn't think he saw me. And he kind of just threw it back to me. I caught it and I dunked it and, I mean, it was nice. It was fun. Crowd liked it, I guess. But that's basically all it was, to be honest.

Q. How tough is a player like Cowan to defend, especially with the way you limited him in the second half, what does it say about this team defensively?
JUWAN MORGAN: It was pretty much a team approach on him. We knew any one guy wasn't going to be able to keep him scoreless tonight. He was going to get his.

But just being able to help when we're in the gaps when he's trying to drive or shots just putting three on the ball, like we try to do when he's coming off the screens. Just an all-around effort.

Q. Juwan, you have another quick two-day turnaround and talk about how big Illinois will be dealing with that?
JUWAN MORGAN: It will be tough. It's never easy just going two-day turnaround, but at the same time we have to prepare because they're playing the same amount of games as we are. And it's very important in the Big Ten especially on-the-road games, to get all the road wins that you can.

Q. Juwan, your thoughts on why do you feel you guys are 4-0 in (inaudible)?
JUWAN MORGAN: A credit to what Justin said earlier, it's the way we prepare in practice. We put ourselves in a position to win the game in tenth war, and when it comes down to it, we made winning plays, when it comes down to five or less points.

Q. How big was it, the hustle play, Zach rebound, defensive end, closing out in the defensive end, how big --
JUWAN MORGAN: They're huge, that's what he does in practice every day, too. It just translates to the game. I know guys hate getting guarded by Zach. And that kind of takes them out of their zone, takes them out of their game. And every stop he gets, even if it's just a little deflection that goes out of bounds and they get the ball back, that's enough for us to get in their head and try to get them to turn the ball complete next time.

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