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January 14, 2018

Archie Miller

Bloomington, Indiana

Indiana - 66, Northwestern - 46

COACH MILLER: A good win for our team. I have a lot of respect for Northwestern and how well they execute and some of the things they did. I thought our guys really amped it up in the first half in terms of our intensity level defensively.

We were stagnant against the zone and not having Juwan for a good part of that first half obviously impacted our offense not being able to play through them a little bit.

But the defensive intensity in the first half was excellent. I thought in the second half offensively we were much different. We moved better, really shared the ball and had some guys step up and make some big baskets, alleviate some of the pressure. But really good win for our team and excited for them. Have another week here to work a little bit before we play again so we've got to take some time.


COACH MILLER: ... aggressive right now. I think when you get into league play you're only be as good as your guards. I think being able to win these two games this week you can really start and look at our back court and say, Josh Newkirk probably had the best two-game stretch of the season. He was terrific today, I though -- he was very good against Penn State.

When you have solid play at the guard spot it helps you. Rob is Rob. Rob is going to be a guy that we're going to count on to score a little bit for us. He's been asked to do a lot. But Devonte had a great game against Penn State. Al came in today and made good plays.

But the better and more consistent we are with our guards -- high assists, low turnovers and shooting percentages, especially from behind the line -- if we can get those guys to be a little bit more consistent our team is going to be better. And I think in this game in particular when your guards were able to make the plays that they made tonight you have an easier time.

Q. How have those guards responded just rebounding the ball -- I think Rob said 18 rebounds the last two games -- (indiscernible) respond to that kind of pressure?
COACH MILLER: We've got a number and we're trying -- we can add Zach in there, but from our perimeter guys we're constantly hunting, trying to get over 12 defensive rebounds a game for our back court. I think it's a big number to focus those guys in on.

And Juwan and Justin and Freddie, those guys will be asked to do a lot. Sometimes they'll be on the wrong side of a guy; sometimes they'll be undersized. But if our guards mix it up, they get up in there and clean up the long ones, they don't leak out -- I think tonight, I think, they told me the number, I'm not sure what the number was, but Newkirk has three, Rob has six, that's nine, Zach has three, that's 12. Al has three, that's 15. Devonte four, that's 19 defensive rebounds by your guards.

When your guards rebound it really helps your transition game. All five guys being committed to it. And I didn't think we did a good job late in the game in terms of getting the long ones. They ended up getting 12 offensive rebounds. But for the most part we're doing a better job, a concerted effort by our perimeter guys. Rebounding has been a big emphasis.

Q. Coming into halftime Justin was able to kind of get behind their zone a couple times and score points. Is that a point of emphasis you stressed to him?
COACH MILLER: Yeah, we worked on a couple things at the half, just in terms of our movement and where we needed to get the ball. We needed more action, needed more reversal, cutting. And Justin is good down there. But we found a way to hit him behind the basket, in terms of either Juwan finding him or guards finding him.

But that got us off to a decent start. Our offense was much more fluid in the second half compared to in the first half.

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