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December 29, 2017

Zach McRoberts

Juwan Morgan

Bloomington, Indiana

Indiana -79, Youngstown State - 51

Q. You guys were totally different team the second half from the first half -- 20 percent production efficiency. Came out completely different mindset. What changed in the half?
JUWAN MORGAN: Like you said, we came out sluggish in the first half, but then just putting it together and playing for each other, we were out there just making winning plays. And everybody was out there playing there freely. It wasn't like everybody was out worried about missing their shots or getting their own shots. Everybody was just trying to get everybody else open. And the result, we got a lot of open looks and knocked them down.

ZACH MCROBERTS: Yeah, just coming out and playing hard, being ready, working with each other, moving the ball and knocking down shots. That was big for us.

Q. Juwan, how central was Zach to the start of the second half? (Indiscernible) two minutes later he's got the steal, how much has that been a help?
JUWAN MORGAN: He's always a huge help, and it's nothing he doesn't do in practice. Every day he's always working hard. We always say Zach is the person you hate to have going against him, but love to have him on your team, and he showed why tonight -- all the hustle plays, all the things people don't like to do Zach does them.

Q. Coach talked a lot about using this break from when you guys don't have class, (indiscernible) the individuals as a team to improve for either one of you. Do you feel like you've been able to utilize this break as a chance to improve?
ZACH MCROBERTS: Yeah, I think it's always a good opportunity for us when we don't have to worry about classes or finals like we just had. Guys get in the gym more, either watch film or work on their game. That's important for guys. It can only help having more time in the gym, more time available.

Q. Juwan, it seems that the tendency has been maybe to have too many first half turnovers, and then the second half you have like almost none. What's been the difference, what's the key between that? And what can you do to have the first half equal the second half?
JUWAN MORGAN: That just coming out to making plays and just trying to hit singles. Just coming out and getting careless with the ball. And sometimes I just think people are moving too fast and sometimes just take (indiscernible), slow it down, let's get inside, look to get the good shot, things like that.

I think that just falls on the responsibility of the older guys, and we just have to take that and pretty much preach to the younger guy so we can get turnovers now.

Q. You had 15 assists to five turnovers in the second half. That's kind of the way it's always been -- the second half has always been a dramatic difference?

Q. Zach, you weren't playing a whole lot at the beginning of the year. What was your mindset in practices and especially seeing how it's paid off, (indiscernible) has been really effective by you?
ZACH MCROBERTS: Working every day in practice whether it's me or pushing guys in practice. It's not really about me, just staying ready and coming every day, be ready for the opportunity, really.

Q. Juwan, this is the second year I'm following up on that, that Zach, it feels like it's coming on that way, where Zach didn't play a lot initially, then he started to build a spot for himself in the rotation and you guys kind of sat in here and said it's nothing he's not doing behind the scenes. What in your mind is allowing him to keep coming back and forcing his way?
JUWAN MORGAN: I guess if it's not broke, don't fix it. Every time he's just working hard he gets more and more playing time. He just consistently does that, day in and day out, and as he does it would just make more and more plays for the team going forward.

Q. Juwan, you said (indiscernible) you hate to go against him in practice. Why --
JUWAN MORGAN: Pretty much what you see in the games. He's always getting all the loose rebounds. When guarding him, you see he has quick hands. If you try to cross him over, nine times out of ten he's going to get it away from you. Just things you just, I guess, what De'Ron said earlier, dog points, Zach does it all of that.

Q. So it's not because he's dirty or anything?
JUWAN MORGAN: No (laughter).

Q. Talk about your 3-point shooting defense. How fun was it to play against a team that didn't hit every 3-pointer like you've seen a couple of times this year?
ZACH MCROBERTS: That was big for us. I think just ball pressure has been a big thing we've been talking about, just making guys uncomfortable. Just continue to have hands up, hopefully miss some shots, make them miss shots.

Q. Zach, do you like making people feel uncomfortable? Do you get a lot of satisfaction, maybe don't score a whole lot of points but you generate a whole plus points?
ZACH MCROBERTS: Yeah, just causing chaos out there, just anything I can do -- get steals, rebounds, whatever. Just helping the team make plays.

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