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December 21, 2017

Josh Newkirk

Zach McRoberts

Bloomington, Indiana

Indiana - 87, Tennessee Tech - 59

Q. Josh, 20 points tonight on just nine shots. Just looked like you were really confident and assertive especially in transition. Kind of pointed at -- this is for you?
JOSH NEWKIRK: No, I just let the game come to me. My teammates did a good job finding me in open spots and I just knocked down shots.

Q. Zach, you looked more aggressive with your shot tonight. Coach has been talking to you maybe about hunting for your shot a little bit more than you have? Has anything changed in that regard?
ZACH MCROBERTS: I wouldn't say hunting for shots, just taking open ones. That's something that comes in practice, just being aggressive every day and carrying that over into games.

Q. Your only three 3-pointers have been in the last few games. Is that something you see yourself doing more?
ZACH MCROBERTS: Just if I'm open, taking open shots. That's really what I'm looking to do.

Q. Josh, can you talk about the importance of playing well tonight after what happened on Monday?
JOSH NEWKIRK: It was very important. We had to respond. We had to get back and fix some things. So it was important for us to bounce back and just get our momentum going after this game.

Q. I think Coach was saying on the pregame radio that last couple of games really ate at you guys and there was a couple of hard practices. What did the last few days look like for you guys? What went into regrouping and moving past Fort Wayne?
ZACH MCROBERTS: Just getting back to work, getting after each other in practice and being ready to go tonight. That's about it.

Q. What do you feel you did different tonight versus the other night, (indiscernible)?
JOSH NEWKIRK: I think we just had a different approach. We came into the game, played hard, stuck to the defensive schemes. And we just moved the ball well on offense.

Q. Josh, you guys had a pretty sustained defensive effort for most of the 40 minutes. Only gave up five 3s. Did you feel it was a sustained effort being out on the floor, and if so what went into that?
JOSH NEWKIRK: I think so. We just made a concerted effort to close out with our hands, making it difficult for the shooters to get shots off and just playing hard.

Q. Josh, Coach talked about Zach's defense in particular having kind of the long arm, big body. What does he bring to you guys on the offensive end of the floor that's growing, I guess, in your eyes?
JOSH NEWKIRK: Knocking down shots, staying on the offensive glass. He brings a lot of energy to the team, moves the ball well. And he's great for us on the offensive end.

Q. Josh, big picture going into the break here, you've had some really good games -- (indiscernible), Notre Dame. And you've had some clunkers as Archie Miller has said. Where do you feel you guys are at as far as your level of play heading into the break?
JOSH NEWKIRK: We can only build off today. We had a good game today. And we just want to keep this momentum going forward.

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