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December 18, 2017

Archie Miller

Bloomington, Indiana

IPFW - 92, Indiana - 72

ARCHIE MILLER: Really disappointing game for our team. Give Fort Wayne a lot of credit. Executed their game plan on both ends of the floor really well. Wasn't close in terms of the approach coming out of halftime. It wasn't close.

Really disappointed again. Have to be better, you know. Coach has to do a better job. Clearly coming off some of the performances that we've had this season, I think we're clearly a much better team than we played tonight.

But we played selfishly offensively. It got contagious with the turnovers. The turnovers sort of lead a dam that broke in the second half when they got run-out baskets. Our lack of offense allowed them to really take advantage of us.

17 made threes. Again, I told the guys on the staff, I'm not sure you can make 17 threes in a game once in a decade let alone twice in a season at home. It's incomprehendable.

But you have to control what you can control. For us, that's the next 48 hours, how we prepare, how we get ready to play our next game.


Q. The pace Fort Wayne played in the first half, did that set the tone?
ARCHIE MILLER: We personally didn't have a whole lot of pace the whole game on offense. I thought those guys, that's how they play. They play fast. They play downhill. They got a spread floor most of the time where they have some guys that can really shoot the ball.

I thought in the first half, our defense wasn't really the problem. Our offense was the problem in the first half. I think we had 12 turnovers, if I'm not mistaken. If you look at points off turnovers, 29.

Part of your defense is you can't run a guy down and defend them when they're going down on two-on-ones, one-on-zero off some of the picks-sixes with a lot of turnovers. You can't defend those. Part of your defense at times is decent, but at times they're indefendable baskets.

They did a nice job. I give them a lot of credit. I think their guards played exceptionally well. Obviously the stat lines speak for themselves.

Q. Obviously they were hot three-point wise, but how much of that was your defense, too?
ARCHIE MILLER: We had lost assignments in the second half. Number one in transition, we got caught not being ready a few times. Then in the halfcourt we lost our man two or three times on some of their actions.

More importantly, I thought we were paralyzed by our offense. I thought our ineptness, guys not normally getting some of the stuff they've been getting in recent weeks, put us in a situation where we were going to have to claw and find a way defensively. We weren't able to do that tonight.

Q. You spoke Saturday about getting off the cloud, back to work. Were you concerned at all?
ARCHIE MILLER: You're always concerned. I think handling success is a lot harder than getting kicked in the face. Everybody knows when you get kicked in the face how you respond.

Sometimes winning a game, playing well in a game, yeah, it can be that. I didn't sense that with our team in the last 24 hours.

I did sense that we weren't playing in sync out there. I think as we watch the film, we're going to see some of the decision making, some of the opportunities we had offensively were selfish.

I thought we took bad shots at times. We didn't deliver the ball when we could. We knew they would post strap. We stopped throwing the ball inside. It just became a jump shooting team, a guy trying to break his guy down and score. That's in and out not how we've been playing.

Like I said, it's one of those things where you always are concerned. Win or loss, you're always concerned. But I didn't sense that from our team in terms of our approach. It was a quick turnaround. Had to get ready to play, just like they did. We weren't good.

Q. (Question about the turnovers.)
ARCHIE MILLER: They weren't even turnovers that were, like, forced. That's the thing that frustrates you. It's out-letting the ball to the other team on a rebound, dribbling the ball way too much, dribbling into defense, they can steal it off you. 13 steals is a lot of steals, especially for a team that doesn't even press, when you think about it.

Clearly you can tell we weren't in sync, we weren't very organized. Put that on me. Clearly I didn't have their attention in terms of how we're supposed to be playing today. You can't ever, I guess, anticipate it. But you're right, the turnovers that you saw were turnovers that were just unforced errors, lackadaisical, in some cases just really mind-boggling.


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