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December 3, 2017

Kam Moore

Boston, Massachusetts

DraftScript - Unedited Copy

Q. Cam, for you, the opportunity to go with your team into the bowl game and into the venue in New York City, what's that mean to you? And what's that meant in the locker room to the different players?
KAM MOORE: I just think that it will be a great feeling, honestly. Obviously I can't contribute to the team how I really wanted to, but I'm still there, a voice in their head, a coach, leader, whatever they need in order to build them up.

I know guys are ecstatic. Last time we were there it was a vibrant, very lively environment. So I just think that it will be great. It will be great for this program.

Q. After you went down in the NC State game, Hamp Cheevers has really come in and played a big role in the secondary particularly. And other guys have stepped out through the season with all the injuries and stuff like that. Could you talk about what you've seen from your team in terms of responding to injuries, especially Hamp too?
KAM MOORE: Like I always say, no pressure, no diamonds. We have a next-man-up policy. So regardless if I go down, if any other starter goes down, the next man up they have to be ready and have to be prepared.

I think we hold a standard within ourselves within our units to make sure everybody's game-ready always, so if I do go down, like you said, Hamp Cheevers can step up right away and there's no drop off, no dip, no slack in his play.

Q. Talk about the way the defense has played down the stretch getting you in this position.
KAM MOORE: I think we've really learned how to play together. We always talk about how we want to play base defense. Fundamentally sound, that's what we've become. And when you're able to execute basic fundamentals, you're going to be pretty hard to beat.

Q. Did you watch the ACC championship game last night and what motivation do you have being injured going towards next year to try to get to that stage next year?
KAM MOORE: I won't be here next year. But definitely the program, like we've been taking strides. Like Coach said, we look forward, not backwards. So just keep going, keep building, in order to have those goals layer on.

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