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November 22, 2017

De'Ron Davis

Juwan Morgan

Bloomington, Indiana

Indiana - 87, Arkansas State - 70

JUWAN MORGAN: Hustle, I think just getting on the offensive glass, getting fouled, things that I've had success with in the past, I think just emphasize more on those things and with that came a good night.

Q. Juwan, the turnover and the foul, 11:41 in the game, what do you account --
JUWAN MORGAN: Just, like I said, last game, in the second half, just hitting singles. Every time they trap, we just got somebody in the middle, hit that person. We weren't trying to throw it all the way down the court like we had been in the past. We weren't trying to make home run plays, just making the simplest plays as possible, and those turned out to be the best plays.

Q. De'Ron, I imagine you spend a lot of time working against Juwan in practice. As somebody who knows his game from that perspective, what do you think allowed him to have the kind of night he had tonight, and the double-double?
DE'RON DAVIS: Just his work ethic. He's always pushing us in practice, our defensive drills, our rebounding drills, we gotta make sure we have eyes on Juwan. Just his hustle. I feel like Juwan is a real simple point, he does the dog points, and he's a big help to our team.

Q. (Indiscernible) missed his first five?
DE'RON DAVIS: I know personally they started to really double down on me second half pretty hard. And Rob not hitting those first five shots kind of gave them that leeway, okay, we're going to double the post. But I just kept telling him to shoot it.

And that last shot he hit allowed me to get the last four or five buckets I did because they had to respect his shot. So him shooting out there opened up a lot for the post.

Q. De'Ron, talked about dog points, dog points meaning what?
DE'RON DAVIS: Dog points is everything -- everything we need as a team, rebounds, loose balls, 50/50 balls, things of that sort.

If a ball -- if I tip a ball out, then Juwan is going to get it. If there's a loose ball, Juwan is picking it up, kicking it out. So those are the dog points that I'm talking about and that leads to the double-double my boy got.

Q. Juwan, you looked really comfortable at the line. I think you're 19 of 20 the last two games. What's made you all of a sudden look like Jordan Holmes [phonetic]?
JUWAN MORGAN: To be honest, it's from watching Kevin Durant, like his whole shimmy and everything. I got that and I just felt comfortable doing that. So I give credit to him.

DE'RON DAVIS: Wow. [Laughter]

Q. You seemed very relaxed out there and not worried, going through the motions, making passes?
JUWAN MORGAN: Yeah, I think early on I was just trying to force things. I was trying -- I would say in a few words -- be something I wasn't.

I just knew the things I was great at. Just keep emphasizing on those. I knew I could go get just about every offensive rebound if I really wanted to.

I kept telling myself go get it, go get it. And as I did that, everything else seemed to flow.

Q. Juwan, following up on that, how much do you take pride in being this kind of guy, being the dog point kind of guy who is just hustling end-to-end?
JUWAN MORGAN: I've always taken pride in it. Coming from my high school here, I knew right away I wasn't going to be the man just playing with Yogi, Troy and then the year after, James, Rob, OG, Thomas. I just knew I was going to be in the background, but that's just find with me.

And if I can get us extra possessions and everybody else shines, as long as the team is winning I'm fine with that.

Q. You also talked a lot in the summer about how leadership was something that you were determined specifically that this team is never not going to have. I guess what's that been like for you trying to be in that role, as De'Ron talks about, not just on the court but in practice and driving guys and just continuing to push them that way?
JUWAN MORGAN: At first I was just trying to lead by example. I felt if the younger guys saw that, oh, one of the leaders of the team is getting on the floor, getting after us in practice, then why shouldn't we do. We (indiscernible) play too.

And after they saw that, I think I started to be more vocal and every time they mess up I try to help them with whatever it is because, of course, we've all been there, too. Me and De'Ron, we try to talk them through it, get them through the points.

Even though I wasn't a guard like Al, I still tried to help him, like, say, this is the easier pass. He doesn't have many turnovers, so that really wouldn't work. But just saying like being here in the gap instead of being there, can make a world of difference and things like that.

Q. You mentioned Al. He's averaging like 27-something minutes a game. He's got two turnovers so far this season. Where does that come from, that level of ball security in a guy so young?
DE'RON DAVIS: That's just us going hard in practice. We have -- as a team we go red and white and we have seven -- we have seven turnovers for the whole practice, each team, and once you reach a limit, we run for it.

So I feel like Al came in as a very smart guard and just that going into the practice and how we practiced and how hard we practiced, makes the game easy for him.

JUWAN MORGAN: To add to that, he's probably one of the more poised people I've seen at such a young age, especially coming in playing in the big games he's not rattled at all. I think that's credit to who he is as a person.

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