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November 18, 2017

Frank Wilson

San Antonio, Texas

UTSA - 9, Marshall - 7

Q. Frank, bowl eligible two years in a row. What does it feel like?
COACH WILSON: It feels fantastic. It feels gratifying. Our team have -- we've competed week in, week out and unfortunately a couple of times have fallen on the short end of it, especially these close football games.

And yet again today we were tested, and this football team responded. And it probably could not have been a more fitting fashion when you have a defense who was stellar all night long come up with a major stop. They punt the ball away, or they score and we have to go back on the field, and an offense now has to respond in a two-minute drill with a minute-something left to go down.

I thought our receivers showed personality. I thought they showed toughness and caught contested balls in traffic and took licks and kept on ticking.

I thought our quarterback did a great job of delivering it. And I thought our offensive line competed against a very good defensive line they have as well.

And so we put ourselves in position from an offensive standpoint to have an opportunity to win the football game. And then our field goal team goes on yet again, kicks it through the upright. They called a timeout to try to unnerve our young, freshman kicker. He goes back out a second time and does it yet again for a victory.

So a complete win for our football team, especially in the last two minutes of the game where you had to count on a defense, an offense and special teams.

Q. What did you tell Sackett before and after that kick? And now that you have a sixth win do you have a preference on where you go bowling?
COACH WILSON: We had the mishandled operations of the field goal right before that. And I actually grabbed the long snapper, the holder and the kicker -- our guys that deal with the operations -- and I just simply said to them, you guys were made for this moment; you were built for this. This is exactly how it's supposed to end with it in your hands. So do what you do best; let's go deliver. And they did something.

What's the other part of it? Yeah, it really doesn't matter. I let those guys figure that stuff out. And we're just excited to be going bowling again right now, and we'll be very fortunate or grateful, whatever bowl would have us, and we're looking forward to it.

Q. On the last play, the kickoff, did that happen the way you thought it was going to happen or --
COACH WILSON: Yeah, so we wanted to keep it on the ground so time would expire. We wanted to not put it in the air where the ball could continue to be tossed back and we would have to play a defensive snap. So we didn't want to put depth on it and have to cover an entire field.

We figured if we kicked it to one of their bigger guys who are not used to handling the ball, but really on the second level. But it happened to hit somebody on the first level. But we wanted to dribble it and it ricocheted off of it -- actually, if you look at it, my special teams coordinator is telling me, that's the wrong look. And I'm about to go try to call a timeout. I said, never mind right when I got to the referee. So we were fortunate to recover it, to pick up the ball and to seal victory.

Q. Can you talk about the fake punt call?
COACH WILSON: I would have preferred one of their big guys, their right tackle, was a guy who plays reserve tight end. So we identify from a personnel standpoint someone who is only an attached tight end and used for blocking and don't handle the ball -- he hasn't caught a ball this year. So we wanted to kick it to him, and it hit one of the guys as it was trying to get to him.

Q. Have you ever won a game without scoring a touchdown?
COACH WILSON: Yeah, 3-0. Game of the millennium, LSU/Alabama.

Q. How long did it seem like it took that last field goal to go through the uprights?
COACH WILSON: Forever. It was forever. We kicked it and I was hoping it would tick out. So we had nine seconds, then seven seconds. It's, like, where is the time. We should have -- we should kick it and the game should be over.

Even once it went up in the air, it just looked like it took forever. And their sideline kind of jumped up and I thought I was -- are my eyes playing tricks on me? That ball did go through, right?

And I saw our guys, the referees hold their arms up, so I was very excited for us and the opportunity to earn that victory.

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