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November 18, 2017

Ishmail Wainright

Waco, Texas

--> Iowa State - 23, Baylor - 13

Q. So how did that touchdown feel?
ISHMAIL WAINRIGHT: Felt pretty good. Experiencing the last one being at home. It felt good.

Q. What was going through your head during the touchdown and when you caught it after (no microphone)?
ISHMAIL WAINRIGHT: Catch the ball and run. Run as fast as you can but (no microphone) end zone. I was excited.

Q. Ish, what was the locker room like afterwards. Obviously, guys not getting a win at home to close it out. Seniors like yourself watching their careers kind of dwindle down to this final week. What was it like?
ISHMAIL WAINRIGHT: I mean, nobody likes to lose, to be honest. Guys are like, hey, you know, apologizing. But, I mean, nothing to apologize. We beat ourselves and we played against a great team. But we have one more. And that's basically the mantra. We have one more game. We lost today. It's the last home game of the season, but we have one more (no microphone) one more game. And that's the mindset a lot of guys had.

Q. How frustrating is it to feel like multiple times this year, you guys have been in games and instead of necessarily getting another team making the play, you guys have kind of shot yourselves in the foot?
ISHMAIL WAINRIGHT: I mean, it's just -- I guess that's football. One play can turn the game around. One fumble, one touchdown, one field goal block, one dropped pass can, you know, mess up a game.

And it's not like basketball. It's not like a turnover, we need to get it back. But it's just we can't beat ourselves in the process, playing to win. We just can't beat ourselves. And we beat ourselves the last couple games. We should have won.

Q. I know you've got another game left. But you see a lot of these younger players and they're going through the trial by fire right now. What kind of a (no microphone) not only next week but with a lot of these guys?
ISHMAIL WAINRIGHT: I have a lot of confidence in guys, especially Grayland. I mean, Grayland, Lenoy, Charlie Brewer, he's a freshman. I mean, people think he might be little. He's a freshman. Look at the things he's done. (No microphone) the O-line, D-line, guys coming in next year, tremendous confidence in them. If they come in, the freshmen that come in, if they're ready to play right away. You got ot trust the process. That's what the guys are doing right now. They're trusting the process and look at them now.

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