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November 18, 2017

Brandon Wimbush

South Bend, Indiana

Notre Dame - 24, Navy - 17

Q. Brandon, how difficult was the weather conditions on the field, and how you did you kind of adjust to those, if you could at all?
BRANDON WIMBUSH: They were pretty difficult, but we have had a couple experiences so far in trial weather, and I think we adjusted pretty well and came out and did the things that we needed to do.

Q. From the last drive of the second quarter to the second half really started to turn things on. Was there any adjustments made from you, after a slow start, to kind of get things rolling?
BRANDON WIMBUSH: No. I think I just started seeing things a little bit more clearly and adjusted to the tempo that Navy was playing at and went from there.

Q. Brandon, what has it meant to have Stepherson back in this offense? And can you speak to maybe what -- how much it took to get him to be in this kind of position to help you guys like he did today?
BRANDON WIMBUSH: Definitely means a lot and you see from the results that he is a huge factor now in our offense and he just adds to the already dynamic receiving core. And he's been with us since January and in the process of rebuilding this program and we turned this thing around. So I think he did a good job of all the way through to when he was able to get back on the field of preparing himself and being ready for this opportunity.

Q. How difficult was it to get timing with him since you hadn't worked with him very much?
BRANDON WIMBUSH: Yeah, he was deep and not even taking reps some of the time and but I think that the weeks that he was up with the one's and the two's that he was taking it seriously and taking his preparation seriously to take advantage of this opportunity when he got it.

Q. Your left hand, how is the left hand?
BRANDON WIMBUSH: It's good. Still swollen a little bit and rehabbing it, but it's good, it's not any, it's not an issue.

Q. Difficult to get into a rhythm against a team that possess the ball that much for an offense?
BRANDON WIMBUSH: Yeah, it's definitely difficult and coach harped on it a little bit throughout the week that we only had six possessions last year and I think it was only seven earlier this evening, but I know it was important to take advantage of every opportunity that we got and obviously we didn't do that, but still came out on top.

Q. Your score at the end of the half that you don't get in there, that half ends right there, were you aware of that?
BRANDON WIMBUSH: Yeah, we had a fire call, we were going to spike it if I didn't get in, but I don't even know how many seconds were left.

Q. Eight.
BRANDON WIMBUSH: Eight? When I ran the play? Oh, yeah, so...


Q. Quick fire call.
BRANDON WIMBUSH: I had to get in then, yeah. Yeah.

Q. Did you feel in the second half Josh Adams started running not saying he was running harder but ran more effectively breaking more tackles was that something the offense needed to open up the passing game?
BRANDON WIMBUSH: Yeah, obviously it's no secret that the running game has definitely opened up a lot of things for us this season and I think Josh he came out in the second half and he saw a little bit more, holes were opening up and he did have a more effective second half running the ball.

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