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November 11, 2017

Frank Wilson

San Antonio, Texas

UAB Blazers - 24, UTSA Roadrunners - 19

Q. Can you just tell us your feelings after a tough loss like this?
COACH WILSON: You know, a little disappointing. Proud that the guys did not quit and fought back. But you know, we're not that type of team that could spot people and mount comebacks from large leads. And so to go down 21-3, 21-6, and then have to be in position to fight and claw our way back, I'm certainly proud that we did to get the game within five.

But we've just got to do a better job of playing fast, you know, we started slow defensively. We started slow offensively. They ran around us. We tweaked and made some adjustments from a defensive standpoint in the last two series of the second quarter, was able to start containing them.

And then I thought in the second half, our defense was stellar and did a good job of nullifying their big gains and movement down the field.

I thought offensively, we still sputtered at times. You would like to think out of those six points that, could be 14 and in position, but we were able to get six points out of it and come back and score two touchdowns at the back end of the game to put it within five.

Q. As you stated, the defense made some adjustments in the second half. What adjustments did you make at half-time?
COACH WILSON: They were attacking our perimeter so we loosened up our defensive end and rolled the safety down to be an alley player that was closer to the line of scrimmage. We were able to lock the box and contain those things and make them push you toward inside.

Our interior guys just played a lot more stout. I thought they were stellar in supporting the run after that. You look at it I think in the first half, they may have had 40 total plays and 33 of them were rushes because they were having success. And of course, they went back to the well doing that.

With the adjustment, we made, we were able to tackle them and do things better. And then when they took shots, I thought our secondary did a good job of picking the ball off and being in good position to not give up big play defensively.

Q. Offensively, really struggled the first half. Was it a line of scrimmage, they controlled the line, kind of a thing? You didn't seem to get much of a push and Dalton struggled.
COACH WILSON: Yeah, we've really got to look at ourselves and really examine all across the board, we were not very good, at every position group. It's like each person is waiting on someone else to make the play and we've just got to step forward and go grab and go take it, because no one is going to sit down and give it to us.

I think in the second half, we were able to Wake up and guys realized, let's play to win and let's not play, trying not to lose the game. Let's play to win the game.

I think we clicked a little better in the second half and played a more aggressive style of play. Not necessarily new plays; we just decided to play that much harder, and so we have to continue to do that, encourage these young men to grab it. It's right in front of you. Just grab it and let's move forward and get this sixth victory.

Q. Inaudible.
COACH WILSON: You talking about our team?

Q. Dalton's run for the touchdown, what you saw on that play and just talk about what he did on that play.
COACH WILSON: Yeah, I was hoping that he would throw it (chuckling) because I thought we had someone open. It's one of those, "No, no, no, no -- get rid of it -- don't take a sack -- don't do that."

"Good job, good job, good job. Whoa."

Magnificent play. Just found a way to get it done. Certainly that's not how we drew it up, but he made a play when we needed one.

Q. Can you speak to the running game? It's been a few weeks now where you've just been stymied. What's the issue that you think can be fixed at this point?
COACH WILSON: We don't have any choice. Can't get any worse than what we're doing. We're not rushing the ball very well from the backfield position. We were able to pick up some because at (ph) our quarterback is making plays, and some by design.

You -- know, we just have to be better as an offensive unit, and we've got to put our guys in better position at times to make those plays, as well.

Q. I wanted to ask about one other scenario late in the game. I believe about five minutes left, y'all had fourth and six, pretty close to midfield there. Y'all went ahead and punted it -- down by 11, y'all went ahead and punted it down the field and tried to pin them back. Can you talk about your rationale there?
COACH WILSON: Yeah, I never wanted to punt it. We wanted to fake it. So we had a fake called, and he covered it, and so the punter did the right thing. Instead of -- you know, the previous -- we fed it up.

So we looked at the previous three, the way they aligned to us, and so a punt fake was called on that particular play, and it was covering. So the punter, who is the quarterback in that position, checked out of it and punted the ball away.

We thought it was there. It was there. I personally watched it three times in a row and thought we were primed for it. Actually the guy got blocked and kind of fell back into it and covered our guy, who was sneaking out. And so it was a punt fake called on that particular play.

But we wound up having to punt it because it wasn't there.

Q. What were you trying to do there --
COACH WILSON: I would rather not say what we were doing, but we were trying to fake it.

Thank you, guys.

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