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November 11, 2017

Carl Austin III

Josh Stewart

San Antonio, Texas

UAB Blazers - 24, UTSA Roadrunners - 19

Q. Tough question for both you guys. Can you talk about what Coach told you guys in the locker room and kind of the mood of the team?
CARL AUSTIN III: Me, I came in the second half, kind of a disappointing first half performance by our team, both sides of the ball. We came in the locker room just trying to find a way to make something work.

We came in, Coach Wilson got us -- told us to be more physical, play with speed and just play with heart. That's what we did. Our defense and our offense started getting something going, and it was looking good in the second half.

JOSH STEWART: Yeah, piggyback off what Carl said, basically just we did -- first after r half we didn't do enough. Kind of got behind the 8-ball. Second half we did a good job of picking it up. It was just hard to come back from those mistakes that we made, too many turnovers. Basically just told us -- he's just happy with the way we fought. Of course he wasn't happy with the outcome of the game or the mistakes that we had made.

Q. What were they doing specifically in the first half to stymie you guys, really, on the ground and the pass, both?
JOSH STEWART: Like I said it was us more than them. We've just got to basically, trust the process and do what we were coached to do. That goes for all men on offense.

For me, because it was a couple of times where I busted a couple plays. We've just got to trust the coaches and do what they are asking us to do.

Q. For the second week in a row, you've put on a pretty stout defensive performance. Tonight you held them to under 300 yards. How tough is it to accept not being able to win those games?
CARL AUSTIN III: Well, it's not an offense or defensive one-way game. We're a family here. We do everything together. So the offense is slacking, the defense is going to pick it up. If the defense is slacking, the offense is going to pick it up. Either way, we're a family we're and we work together.

Q. Either one of you guys or both. How is the mood of the team? You need to get the sixth win and you have two games to go to do it.
JOSH STEWART: Well, obviously we're upset. We just lost, so I mean -- but besides that, there's still two more games ahead of us to punch our Bowl ticket. We got Marshall at home. That's a home game. Especially last time myself and other seniors, we're playing in the dome. So we just want to prepare this upcoming week and get ready for those guys.

Q. Tough first half on defense. What's it like, though, whenever you guys are in the midst of stopping them about six or eight drives --
CARL AUSTIN III: On the sideline when we come off -- it's electric. Even the offense is like, yeah, let's go, we're going to do it for y'all. So when we get a stop, it's just fueling the fire for this team. That's what we plan to do. We don't care how we get on the field. We just care about how we get off. Get them off in three downs and we're good.

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