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November 11, 2017

Deldrick Canty

Ruston, Louisiana

Florida Atlantic - 48, Louisiana Tech - 23

Q. What's the confidence level of the team?
DELDRICK CANTY: The confidence level of the team is the highest because we work hard every day. We go to practice with a great mindset, a good game plan, and we just -- we really ball. We really put our all into this game. Win or lose, we're still together. We're a family. That's what really brings us together is the family atmosphere. That's the confidence level. We want to have our brother's back. Everybody is our brother's keepers. Everybody wants to be part of the family. That's how we keep our confidence level up.

Q. When you play against an offense that plays that quick of a tempo and gets back to your sets, how difficult is that as a defense, and did that play a role in tonight's game?
DELDRICK CANTY: It started off from the first day of practice from the start of the week. We knew what was coming in. We knew how the game was going to be. We knew how FAU was going to run the ball and pass the ball. We knew what tempo they was going to do, so we practiced mentally and physically the whole week, and we had the mindset of moving fast and faster getting the play called, and we're just communicating, and that was pretty much it to get ready for the high-tempo team, FAU.

Q. How do you stay positive right now? I know a bunch of tough losses, and you probably try to look past that and stay positive and then this happens today. How do you keep your heads up going into the last two weeks of the year?
DELDRICK CANTY: Back to the family part, we love each other too much just to quit on each other, so to keep it going, not even worry about the losses. We put the losses behind us every Sunday. We still go in there and watch the film and see our mistakes and get better and better, but this team can't break apart over no loss. Wins or losses, we never break apart. We're always building a brotherhood since day one of camp, and we built a brotherhood and stand together, and that was the mindset. Don't never let a team break us apart.

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