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November 11, 2017

Skip Holtz

Ruston, Louisiana

Florida Atlantic - 48, Louisiana Tech - 23

Q. I look over these stats as you do, and if I covered up the score, you sat there and dominated, you look at the total yards and you look at the number of 1st downs, and it's one of those things, it's just hard to figure out today.
SKIP HOLTZ: Yeah, came in at halftime and had 24 plays at halftime, and I thought this had the makings to be a really competitive football game, but two things happened in the first half that got us down a little bit. We gave up two big plays in man coverage, double pass on one of them, and then (indiscernible) first half I think the game had all the makings to be a competitive game, but again, in the second half we just -- we moved the ball well, but again, we sputtered at times and were just very (indiscernible) in what we were able to get done. It's hard without a running game, and that's what we've got to look at hard with what we're doing and giving our players a chance, but our players got to take some responsibility on what we've got to do to get better in the running game, as well.

Q. You look at it all season, and today it just wasn't there. You had a coverage -- 100-yard touchdown run, you had two punts just really uncharacteristic of this special teams good play.
SKIP HOLTZ: They've really played solid on special teams (indiscernible) it was supposed to be (indiscernible) upperclassmen (indiscernible) throw the ball and I ran inside. He's a safety, and that's why you have safeties on the kickoff team. I hate it because our special teams has played really well, and then the punts just really, you're in the third quarter and it just takes the wind out of your sail when you have a five-yard punt or whatever it was that we had there in the third quarter. It just takes some of the wind out of your sail. But I was proud of the players. I was proud of the way that they continued to compete. I don't think there was any quit in them or give-up. We had two frustrating and uncharacteristic personal foul penalties on two wide receivers, which can't happen, which puts you in backed-up situations. But I thought some players really competed tonight. Unfortunately as a team we weren't able to get it done. There were some good things out there on the field, but when you look at the big plays we gave up and the lack of success in the red zone, it made it a long night.

Q. And then you've got your back against the wall, you talked about it all last week, about bowl eligibility where you've got to win two games.
SKIP HOLTZ: Yeah, one game at a time. We've got to find a way with UTEP coming up this week. Coming out of this game, it hurts. I mean, yeah, you're trying to fight and everybody is trying to fight to get to six wins, and (indiscernible). To get there, we're going to have to win the next two. This was a long game. This was a physical game.

I think Coach Kiffin, Lane, has done a really nice job there. They made the big plays today, and we tried to load the box, stop the running game a little bit and lost our eyes in man. But we've got to get better at some of those things, and then we've just got to find a way to go win one game right now.

When you're 4-6 right now, you can't start looking, we can't play two games this week. We've just got to find a way to play one, and we've got to find a way to kind of pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and get ready to go again. But with the character leadership we have in that locker room right now, these players, they'll bounce back, and they want to compete. We've got to find a way to go win the game.

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