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November 11, 2017

Zach Allen

Boston, Massachusetts

NC State - 17, Boston College - 14

Q. Zach, obviously the offense has to rally when they lose their quarterback. But is it as much emphasis on the defense to rally too?
ZACH ALLEN: Yeah, we have trust in both guys, Darius and A.B. are both great quarterbacks, and obviously we're praying for A.B. on a speedy recovery, because he's one of our brothers. But Darius is just as capable, and we trust him the same amount.

Q. You guys did a great job of holding Finley down. But on third down, it was 9 of 17. What were they throwing at you differently on third down?
ZACH ALLEN: Honestly, being in the pass rush I'm just focused on my match-up with the offensive line, so I really wasn't able to tell. But he's a great quarterback. He's obviously highly rated. Then also, I mean, like I think I said before, his touchdown-to-interception ratio is off the charts, and he's really a pro quarterback.

You know, when we don't get there, he's going to make the throws. We didn't get there, so he made the throws.

Q. How have you guys managed to hold things together while Harold has been out these last two weeks or three weeks of practice too as well?
ZACH ALLEN: Yeah, Harold's a great leader, so he's right there by our side talking to us. Also, Wyatt Ray is a great defensive end. So there's really -- again, we've been dealing with injuries all season. So it's just a next-man-up mentality and we've been rolling with it.

Q. You say you've been dealing with it all season, but when you get another blow like your quarterback this time or Harold or Connor, is it just this is what it is? You have to figure it out?
ZACH ALLEN: Yeah, I mean, we're excited. We're 5-5 right now and we have a great opponent in UConn.

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