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November 10, 2017

De'Ron Davis

Robert Johnson

Bloomington, Indiana

Indiana State - 90, Indiana - 69

Q. Robert, where do you think the breakdowns were defensively, especially on their 3-point shots, where did you guys go wrong with that?
ROBERT JOHNSON: I think in the first half a lot of the 3-point shots came from us just not playing hard enough. I can't necessarily put it on a coverage or a scheme that we didn't do. We just didn't have the carry-over that we do in practice every day by taking things like that away.

Q. What were they doing that maybe wasn't allowing you guys to adjust, when they were starting to knock down some of those shots from behind the arc, specifically?
ROBERT JOHNSON: I just think we never collectively made a decision to take that away and to guard the ball and not get spread out. And they hit some tough shots. You've got to give them a lot of credit but it all started we set the tone and let them get some open ones and let them get going.

Q. De'Ron, is there, what's your reaction to that score? Is there shock on your part? There's shock on a lot of our parts.
DE'RON DAVIS: No, not really. Like Rob said, we just had a lot of team breakdowns, and we just gotta stick together as a team and fix it. And we have quick turnaround, play Sunday. So practice tomorrow is going to lock in as a team.

Q. Rob, what are your thoughts when you look up and see an Indiana home loss like this?
ROBERT JOHNSON: Definitely disappointing. And, but I think the main thing that I take away from it is it's eye opening for how hard we're going to have to play, how together we're going to have to be, day in and day out, no matter the opponent.

I think the biggest thing now is to work on the things that we do and try to do them well and not focus on who we're playing.

Q. Did you guys underestimate them?
ROBERT JOHNSON: No, I wouldn't say that we underestimated them. I just think, like I said earlier, we didn't have the carry-over that we usually have from practice. That's not the team that we are on a day to day. And once they punched we never came together and punched back. And I think that was the deciding factor.

Q. There will be a lot of talk about the defense because they made I think 17 of their first 22 3s, but offensively I don't think you guys had a run of more than five points. What was the problem in terms of getting a run together offensively?
ROBERT JOHNSON: I think we didn't -- it all goes back to the things that we do every day. We didn't have that carry-over. We never executed offensively. We never got the ball moving. We never moved it from side to side and got second and third shot options. And when that happens it makes the offensive flow stagnant, so to speak. And a lot of the shots were tough shots and we just never got into a rhythm into the game.

Q. You guys have 18 turnovers (indiscernible] the first exhibition. You had 19 tonight. What was the issue in terms of the decision-making and taking care of the ball?
ROBERT JOHNSON: I think that was just a product of guys trying to do things that they don't normally do and that we don't practice. We didn't have the same movement, and I think that just made it harder. And that was the result of that.

Q. Is there anything that you guys did tonight that you liked, that you feel you could build off of?
DE'RON DAVIS: I think we had great energy throughout. Even in the locker room, after the game, we had -- our leaders stepped up, kept our heads together on the court.

I think just towards the second half, once we start running our offense and start doing what we do in practice we scored every strip down. We got fouled a lot towards the end of the game.

So that's always a plus. So you gotta continue to put that piece together and everything will take care of itself.

Q. Trying to go with what you said earlier, is there a value in having your flaws exposed so early, being able to address it and work on it?
ROBERT JOHNSON: Most definitely. And I think that's the biggest thing that we're going to take away from it. If at any time this is the best time. You don't want to have that type of performance, especially the first game and you're excited, all the fans are expecting to see Indiana basketball, but that wasn't the case.

Q. Does that (indiscernible] affect the outcome at all, not just because of the ability to (indiscernible] at home court?
ROBERT JOHNSON: Yeah, when we Collin back it will definitely be a plus just because of the experience and the leadership that he brings, the skill set that he brings. But I wouldn't necessarily say it was -- it played a huge factor in today's game. I just think we didn't match their intensity.


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