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November 8, 2017

Steve Addazio

Greensboro, North Carolina

STEVE ADDAZIO: We have quite an unbelievable challenge ahead of us here this Saturday playing North Carolina State. Obviously just a fantastic football team. Dave has done an unbelievable job with the program, with his team. They're so well-coached. They're extremely talented.

On offense, Ryan Finley is playing at a very, very high level. The two runningbacks are dynamic players. Samuels is a dynamic player. The receivers go up and catch the ball, fantastic. On defense, it's as good a defensive front as we've played all year long. They have obviously a dominator in Chubb coming off the edge on third down.

There's challenges everywhere. This is one really, really good football team. We've had a bye week. We've had a week off. It's been great that we have had a chance to rest and put a little more time and catch up academically, obviously prepare for this game.

We're looking forward to a nice autumn, fall day here in Chestnut Hill, taking on a great football team, being part of a great college football day.

With that, I'll take any questions.

Q. What has been the biggest key to this offense of yours being so productive these last three wins? Did you see this coming?
STEVE ADDAZIO: We felt great about our offense in training camp. We took on some injuries that really hurt us early on, really on both sides of the ball. While we were playing what looked to be the number two most difficult schedule in the country right now, we were trying to make adjustments and kind of recapture that chemistry back.

But you could see on the film against really good opponents that there was opportunity to make some really good football plays. We were just short a little bit. I really felt after the Virginia Tech game, I said, I think we're ready to pop a little bit here. Our quarterback was playing more confidently. Our runningbacks were playing more confidently. Some of the freshmen, like A.J. Dillon, was gaining confidence. I think at center, obviously we had a huge change there and Ben Petrula started gaining or confidence, other receiver, Kobay White.

All of our young guys started getting some experience. It was on both sides with the linebackers, Lamot, Bletzer. The guys were recentering, getting their sea legs, if you will. I thought we would have an opportunity.

Those guys are still freshmen today as they were four weeks ago, but I think we're making great strides. As I've said so many times before, I think the future is so bright. We have talented guys that love football. All those other guys we felt so high on are going to come back again next year. So it's a great opportunity.

Q. How was NC State on your radar before the season, if they maybe caught you by surprise with how good they've been?
STEVE ADDAZIO: No, I mean, we knew they were a talented team. Last year we played them. I thought they were excellent then. I've watched them. When you study film, I don't study score compares, I watch tape. They've had an outstanding defense. You could see the makings of their quarterback and their skill players. They've got some guys that have been around a while now. These are some veteran players. They're talented.

Dave has developed his program. Any time you can have a senior or a veteran quarterback with some veteran players, a defense. What is winning college football games? Playing great on defense, having the ability to run the football, having a quarterback that is playing at a high level. Those are all the ingredients of playing successful. He has all those pieces in place.

Q. Have you looked back at the Clemson-NC State game last week, and what hopped out at you about NC State?
STEVE ADDAZIO: I mean, I thought it was an electric environment. Two really good football teams going at each other. Either team could have won that game. I thought both teams played with unbelievable heart and guts and toughness. It's one of those games where somebody was going to have to lose.

But I was very, very impressed with both teams. Obviously extremely impressed with NC State, their players, the coaching that went on.

Listen, I have the utmost respect, okay, for this football program and the coaching staff. This is an outstanding football team. Everyone here knows that, and they have our complete attention.

Q. Ryan Finley, he obviously has a lot of play-makers to work with, but he is extremely accurate, almost never throws a pick. What kind of problems does that present for your defense?
STEVE ADDAZIO: He keeps the chains moving. This is a guy that makes plays. I think he plays with poise. I think he obviously has complete understanding of what they want. He's excellent taking care of the football. He makes plays not only throwing the ball, he makes plays with his legs, good decisions in the read zone game. This is a very good football player.

You always track back teams and how they're playing. You find their quarterback is playing well. This guy is playing at a high level. Very impressed with him.

Q. The other person on the other side of the ball, Chubb, what is it that makes him such a standout?
STEVE ADDAZIO: I saw one play on tape against Clemson that I think says it all. He comes off the edge against what I think is one of the better offensive tackles in the country. He takes the edge and turns speed into power. With one hand he walks back this big man, puts him in the lap of the quarterback. I said to myself, Wow. I mean, this guy has got explosive, electric burst ability, but yet look at the power that he was able to walk the tackle back.

That's what I look at. He's very explosive. He's a dynamic player. He's as good as there is in America without any doubt.

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