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November 5, 2017

Collin Hartman

Robert Johnson

Freddie McSwain, Jr.

Bloomington, Indiana

Indiana - 74, UIndy - 53

Q. Collin, thoughts on obviously your shooting season?
COLLIN HARTMAN: It felt good. It's been over a year since I've been able to put this jersey on and play against somebody else with these guys. And it really felt good to get the first one under our belt and get the ball rolling.

Q. You had a grade today, talk about short of a triple double or double-double?
ROBERT JOHNSON: I felt great on the court. Like I say, I got comfortable with our group of guys. And I just work hard every day and keep improving.

Q. Freddie, eight turnovers today. There was emphasis on taking care of the ball better, but the two exhibition game, you have done a really good job, anything specific that stands out that you guys did better that contributed to that?
FREDDIE MCSWAIN JR.: I think so. It's a daily emphasis for us every day in practice. The things that we run, we know all of the options, all of the different ways that the defense can play us. So I think comes down to making the right reads and executing every time.

Q. Collin, Freddie, what stood out for you?
COLLIN HARTMAN: Freddie is who -- Freddie was who he is every day in practice. Relentless on the boards. And just brings a lot of energy and toughness to the game and has really boosted us as a team in getting second chances and being able to guard the 5 and just being a motor that never stops. If he can stick with that all year, which I'm confident he can, it will really help us for sure this year.

Q. Collin, are your minutes limited right now?
COLLIN HARTMAN: Yeah, we limited them a little bit today, just slowly working back into it and everything, doing more and more in practice every day and just trying to get back into the flow of things, not rushing anything right now too soon.

Q. Robert, you feel like you guys are at the point now where you're ready to start the regular season?
ROBERT JOHNSON: I mean, we have no choice, really. But I think there's a lot we definitely need to work on. I think Coach Archie is going to do us a great job of giving us a game plan of how to get better every day until we get to Friday. So I'm confident that we'll be ready.

Q. Freddie, during the offseason what was the biggest thing that you worked on, and are you more confident this year than you were?
FREDDIE MCSWAIN JR.: Yeah, what I worked on mostly offseason was just my mid-range jumper and just being patient in the post and working my post moves and just being confident overall, just being confident in my game. And that's really it.

Q. Why do you think you're more confident this year?
FREDDIE MCSWAIN JR.: Because my group of guys just have confidence in me. So I have confidence in myself as well.

Q. Is that mid-range jumper something you're going to feel confident taking on in a game-by-game basis?
FREDDIE MCSWAIN JR.: Of course. Worked on it so I'm going to take it.

Q. Rob, defensively, do you feel like you're more together than any other time?
ROBERT JOHNSON: I definitely think so. I still think we're far away from where we need to be. But I think for where we're at right now, I think we definitely have a good base, a good base to start at. But we definitely need to improve moving forward.

Q. Robert, is your offense where you think it is, or do you want it to step up?
ROBERT JOHNSON: I'm trying not to really be concerned with it. As long as I'm being aggressive, I'm making the right reads and I'm taking good shots, that's what I really want to focus on from that standpoint. But I just know if I play hard and let the game come to me, it's going to make it easier offensively.

Q. Collin, now that you have the tune-up games out of the way, what's the feeling in the locker room heading into the season?
COLLIN HARTMAN: I mean, everybody's up. It's take a win when you get it. But we have a little stretch here before we start really getting into the games. We have a few days to really lock in and fine tune some things as a team and really focus on getting those details locked in, because we're going to end up playing five games in roughly ten days, right off the bat. And this is kind of our last little deep breath before we just really, really get rolling.

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