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November 4, 2017

J'mar Smith

Ruston, Louisiana

North Texas - 24, Louisiana Tech - 23

Q. Does that play sort of play out like a bad dream, something you guys have seen before? I think it's the third game you guys have lost that way?
J'MAR SMITH: It hurts. We put our heart and soul into this game. We fought since January just to get better as a team. Just to know we're so close, we're so close and just come down to the last couple of minutes of the football game that we had. And, I think, four games and we don't want to be close. We just gotta get our edge back, get back rolling and we'll be fine.

Q. In the second half, seemed like [inaudible] all out, you get into or around the red zone and then you have to settle for field goals. What does that do from an offense standpoint for you guys; you're able to move the ball so far and then everything stops?
J'MAR SMITH: We don't want to be -- we don't want to set up field goals. We know coming into this game that we have to score points, and the biggest way to score points is scoring touchdowns. Field goals, it can't help but it can't hurt you at the same time because we score a field goal, they get a touchdown, we're down. So whenever we get in the red zone we have to put the ball in the end zone -- we've got to find a way to put the ball in the end zone, run the draw, trick plays, it doesn't matter.

We've just got to find a way and dig deep and just push each other and be accountable to each and just put that ball in the end zone.

Q. (A question about the first three-quarters of the game to the fourth quarter)?
J'MAR SMITH: We had a couple of penalties that kind of hurt us a little bit. We've got to be consistent throughout each drive. Once we get rolling we've got to keep rolling the next drive, the next drive, the next drive. We can't -- punting is not a bad thing but sometimes we don't want to punt; we want to keep moving the ball, go down there and score points, find a way to be consistent and just gotta move the ball as an offense.

Q. Seemed like throughout the game North Texas did a good job of blocking down (indiscernible) receivers. When that happened -- only have so much time in the pocket -- when you see that the play isn't working out exactly as planned, what's going through your head that you can try to quickly get out of it?
J'MAR SMITH: I know the time is limited in the pocket. And when stuff breaks down I just gotta get out of the pocket, just (indiscernible) be smart with the ball. I kind of made a mistake throwing the ball to Marlon when he came back, and a guy almost made an interception. That was on me.

And sometimes I just try to roll out, try to get it to a guy, try to drive it on him, but once I get hit the ball just came out a weird way. And we just gotta be smart.

They did a good job trying to lock down our receivers with their coverages. And we just try to do the best we can just (indiscernible) the ball and move the ball.

Q. Only have three games left in the regular season. Still need two wins to be bowl eligible. Were you all thinking about that right now or just focusing on getting that next win?
J'MAR SMITH: Just focusing on winning the next week. We came in just focusing on winning this week. That's the best thing we can do for our program is win that week. Next week, the best things we can do is win next week. When we constantly do that we'll be fine.

Q. I guess what is the mentality of the (indiscernible). Talk was we're going to be in this bowl, we're going to try to win this conference and try to do big things this year. Just talk about that, I guess how it shifted from all the big goals to now we just trying to win the next game.
J'MAR SMITH: Everything shifted. We had our ups and downs. It's called adversity; we got to know how to overcome it, and that's what builds a team. And like I said, we're just trying to focus on winning the next game and we're just trying to build character from our team and hold each other accountable and just make sure that everybody does the job and trusts each other.

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