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November 4, 2017

Keke Coutee

Lubbock, Texas

Kansas State - 42, Texas State - 35

Q. Defense had to come back out --
KEKE COUTEE: Yeah, most definitely. We felt like we had some, but with the mission but we weren't too down about that. We were confident in our defense. But you know, but that score when they went down -- we knew it was our job to score once we went back out, so we weren't too down about that.

Q. What was it like in the locker room?
KEKE COUTEE: Guys were just hurt, you know, devastated. That was a tough one that. Was one we should have got so that one really hurt but we're going to flush that tomorrow and ready to practice tomorrow.

Q. Is a loss like that worse than Kansas State last year?
KEKE COUTEE: I would say most definitely. The win is right there. You feel like you have it won but then it's just taken from you. So those hurt the most. But just have to flush them very quickly.

Q. This team has had trouble holding leads. Does the team lack confidence down the stretch?
KEKE COUTEE: I would say, you know, just not being consistent. We have to make routine plays. At the end of the game we came back and took the lead third, fourth quarter. Just have to keep making routine plays and just maintain.

Q. Had a big day -- more success today than you had the last several weeks --
KEKE COUTEE: We knew these guys beat Iowa State and teams before that, they were playing three double cover or dropping eight guys in the coverage. But we knew what those guys were going to be, they were going to be Cover Four or Cover One. We were able to run by those guys today and make some big plays.

Q. The last play in overtime, what were the reads?
KEKE COUTEE: Two inside were out, so the outsides were go. So just led Dylan (ph) a little bit too far but that was the play concept.

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