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October 28, 2017

Josh Newkirk

Devonte Green

Bloomington, Indiana

Indiana - 93, Marian - 62

Q. How did it feel to kind of finally play a game with your teammates?
JOSH NEWKIRK: It felt good to finally play against an opponent, see where we stand. That was a great team. They moved the ball well. I think we did a good job of defending them and just playing.

Q. You only had ten turnovers. I think there were a couple of moments where they had little runs, like two or three in a row, and then you stopped and got them under control. What made you guys able to just keep those runs short?
JOSH NEWKIRK: Just being self-accountable. Just making the right play. Getting into our offense. Just getting into our offense and making the right play and just things like that.

Q. Devonte, just talk about -- you were close to a triple double but not quite. What was --
DEVONTE GREEN: We just did a good job moving the ball. Guys made open shots, helped out the assists. I just tried to stay aggressive on the glass.

Q. For both of you guys, even for an exhibition game like this, do you still get pregame jitters or anything before a game?
JOSH NEWKIRK: Yeah, it's the first time we've been out here since last year. We were definitely anxious to get out here and play against an opponent. It felt good to get them out of the way and go on to the next game.

DEVONTE GREEN: It's always exciting coming out and playing in the Assembly Hall for the first time. Especially after so many days of practice, to finally get a game in is exciting.

Q. They came out and hit some really tough shots late in the shot clock in the first half. It seemed like you guys weren't discouraged by that. Second half, they seemed to wear down a little bit. Did you notice that at all?
DEVONTE GREEN: They were definitely trying to work us with the shot clock. And getting good shots at the end of the clock made us play good defense for the whole possession. That definitely wore us down a little bit, but we stayed positive through it. Talked about it in the locker room over halftime and did our best to control it.

Q. Did you feel like you wore them down in the second half. It seemed like some of the shots they were making in the first half, in the second weren't going down.
DEVONTE GREEN: I definitely think we stayed more disciplined on defense in the second half to help them shots be more contested.

Q. Josh, what can you take away from a game like this, even though it's a lesser opponent?
JOSH NEWKIRK: Just the little things. I think sometimes we had little mistakes on defense. Sometimes we had trouble running plays. Like you said earlier, the turnovers. Just take away little things like that, sharpen them up, watch film, and just get back to it and fix it.

Q. Devonte, you had the ball in your hands a lot tonight, either as a distributor or a finisher. How comfortable are you initiating offense now as opposed to last year?
DEVONTE GREEN: I'm very comfortable initiating offense. I've been playing at point guard a lot more this year and in practice working on it. So very comfortable.

Q. Devonte, you played 30 minutes tonight. How do you feel stamina-wise, health-wise? (Indiscernible)?
DEVONTE GREEN: I feel great.

Q. Josh, both you guys seemed like you were comfortable. How were you able to kind of get comfortable and get other guys comfortable? Some guys trying to find their way a little bit tonight.
JOSH NEWKIRK: Just by being vocal on the court, just getting in the lane, finding them open shots, just keeping -- standing in their ear, giving them advice all the time. I think that's just the biggest part.

It's everybody's first game out here, first time playing together. So I think just staying together and staying vocal and playing with each other and sharing the ball, I think that really helped us.

Q. Felt like we saw a good balance with you two plus Rob handling the ball, kind of initiating the offense. How comfortable are all three of you in terms of being the guy that gets the offensive rolling, whether it's in the half-court or on the break?
DEVONTE GREEN: We're all interchangeable guards. So in practice, that's what we work on. I think we're all pretty comfortable handling the ball.

Q. Josh, what impressed you the most about how Devonte played tonight and maybe his progression? What do you think, working with him in the off-season, he's improved on from last year?
JOSH NEWKIRK: He's definitely shooting the ball well, making the right plays on the offensive end, staying active on defense. I think his confidence is just very high right now. I think we're going to need that. He definitely helped us out a lot, and he's playing really well.

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