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October 27, 2017

Jimbo Fisher

Boston, Massachusetts

Florida State - 3, Boston College - 35

JIMBO FISHER: Give B.C. a lot of credit. They lined up biggest in all three phases of the game. They beat us upfront both ways, both offensive and defensive line. They controlled the line of scrimmage. We had opportunities in the first half, didn't match. They hit a nice trick play, moved the ball. We hit one, we get down there and fumble, which I thought was critical in the game on a base hand. Just a hand off that we did the same, not different play, but didn't have that. That was very critical in the game.

The other turnover I thought in the first half, we hit a big play, got back to midfield, just missed a read through the wrong guy, and should hit the outside guy. Those two critical turnovers were very big. Second half were short yardages really hurt. And also, they ran the football. We were able to establish a line of scrimmage, did a good job of pounding it up in there, their backs did a great job of running the football.

We had to do a better job. Gave up a couple third down stops. Even when we had them pinned back, we could have gotten field position back and a chance for points. They made the critical plays in the game that way.

We had the two mistakes in the kicking game. We field a punt too deep, and got pinned on the two which caused the possession. Then ball hit, and should have never fielded it. And turned it over on a punt. All of those three, we had three critical turnovers with the fumble, interception, and the fumble and the point, which all led to points. Missing short yardages in every phase they beat us. Lined up, kicked our tails and outplayed us, outcoached us, and did everything. We've got to do a better job.

Q. What do you say to your team after a loss like this where just nothing went right?
JIMBO FISHER: We've got to quit worrying about what can't happen, and worry about -- okay, you don't throw the ball, you don't do this, we're still worried in my opinion about that, that we're forgetting about the process of how to change it and win the game, go worry about playing well. Can't worry about what can't happen, and what could happen, and what might happen. You've got to change, lineup, and worry about what can happen that you can change and control and move forward.

Q. After the way you guys lost last week, were you concerned?
JIMBO FISHER: No, we had a solid week of practice. On Monday they were a little down. But Tuesday and Wednesday we had the best Wednesday which is like a Thursday we've probably had all year. We had good energy. We executed. Guys were in position and did things well. Boston College kids, we knew they were going to play well. They were going to be excited and come play well. Match their energy. Made a nice trick play. We did too. Down a rate of score, take a sack on first and ten, play action.

If it ain't there, throw it out of the back of the end zone, we're on the five, and just fumble a hand off. We didn't match them. When that happened, it just kept going. We still had another opportunity when we got back to midfield and moved it. They were doing a good job, coming downhill, stacking the box, bringing guys downhill. We knew we had to throw the football a little bit, open up the run, and we had some opportunities and didn't capitalize.

But after the way the guys practiced and went about it, you always worry about it, but they responded well with a good practice. It was not a dead-headed practice week of practice. It was not like that.

Q. Almost seems like when this team goes down, they're not finding a way to come back out?
JIMBO FISHER: Not making the plays. They're fighting. Even on the goal line stand, they're down there to fourth down, it's not that they're not fighting. They're not executing, and that's where we as coaches have to coach better and do better, and get them to understand the plays. You can't make those mistakes. The line is too thin. You can't. And you've got to match that. That's the part of it that we've got to do better.

Q. Three points, what can you do to fix the offensive issues? You guys weren't --
JIMBO FISHER: Not turn it over. We're down there ready for points in the second drive. Got a nice drive. First and five on the five, hard play action. Good time to throw the football. Got to hit it, throw it out of the back of the end zone, that's what we do. And then we have another opportunity. Cross midfield, and we've got to get some field position. We've got to win the field position, and defensively we've got to get some stops and win turnovers and create situations that way. As a team, we've got to do both things. We have to create that.

When James made a couple critical mistakes in a game, he didn't want to, but he did early in a game that hurt us. We've got to coach him through those. What we've got to do, we've got to get the running game when we miss short yardages. They were stacking the run, bring things downhill, playing the run, trying to force us to throw the football. We knew that. Got to do a better job. Designing, calling, everything.

I mean, but you've got to put them in position. When they're in position, they've got to execute. They have to. There is a twofold thing there. We have to execute when we had opportunities early to match and get a good game and move the football.

Because the first half, we had 175 yards of offense. Second half we didn't. We missed short yardage, missed everything. Turned the punt over and we moved the football. We got pinned back once on the two off a bad decision on special teams. But, you know, from that point, we've got to -- when we get down there, we have to put points on the board.

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