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October 25, 2017

Jimbo Fisher

Greensboro, North Carolina

JIMBO FISHER: The team rebounding this week after a very tough loss to Louisville. Louisville did a great job, was a heck of a football game. They did a great drive, went down at the end, and made plays all throughout the game. We had opportunities and we have to fight through those and learn how to execute at the right time, work with our players, explain those things. At the same time moving on to Boston College.

Boston College has done an outstanding job. They played two outstanding games. Last two games ran the heck out of the football. Also their play-action game, quarterback running, on offense they've exploded made plays. Defensively they're always so sound in what they do. They blitz, they pressure. Guys are big, strong, very deceivingly fast. Run very well, play great defense, got a great team.

You see the teams they've played all year, done a great job in the games coming up. Even the games they haven't had success, they played great defense in those games, been very successful.

Looking forward to playing. Got a quick turnaround, been a very fast turnaround, cramming these Friday games in. The guys have done a good job and practiced very well. Looking forward to Friday night.

Q. Over the course of your coaching career, have you noticed a difference in your team's results coming off of bye weeks?
JIMBO FISHER: No, I think that depends on each team, the maturity of each team, their personality. I think each team, you say a bye week, each person doesn't hold it the same way. I think that often depends on the team and the personality it comes off with.

Q. Do you think the value of a bye, aside from health and mental rejuvenation, can be overstated sometimes?
JIMBO FISHER: Well, I do to a point. Sometimes when you're on a roll, you don't want a bye. You want to keep rolling, keep things going. At the same time the mental and emotional stress that these young men are under at this age, I think they're very critical. I really do.

Sometimes can you say that, if you're playing well, you say, We don't need one. At the same time these guys are going through a lot with school, academics, all the things that happen and go on in college life.

Like I say, I'm a big advocate of the two during the season. I really think so for the health and welfare of kids. When there are student-athletes who can't take care of their body all day long because of class, things like that, I think it's very critical for these guys to get a break emotionally, mentally and psychologically.

Q. How do you keep your guys with that positive mindset, specifically with the frustrating kind of losses you've had? How do you explain your road and home record this season?
JIMBO FISHER: Well, it's just that we played some very good teams at home. All of them come down to the end. We have been very good at home. We just had to play some great teams, and haven't made the play at the end to do the things.

But positive attitude, you explain to them what you have to play for and why you have to do it. These are character tests. Character reveals who you are and what you are. Sometimes things happen to you in life. It's how you deal with them. You explain that.

These are great learning lessons for these kids. Explain why this will help them later in life down the road. It will help our football team now and help them personally. You explain those things and get them to understand that.

Q. Being a few plays away from having your entire season turned around, the guys have to have character as a team, correct?
JIMBO FISHER: Yeah, exactly right. Character as a team, seeing that you are very close. Even though it keeps you to keep fighting. Just 'cause that win or that play has slipped away, you can't keep not fighting for these inches. That's what life's about. You got to keep going. You explain that to them.

At times it can be disappointing, it can be frustrating, it can be overwhelming, it can be a lot of things. At the same time that's how you have to live life. You have to keep going on, understand what you are as a person, and what you want to stand for.

Q. We spoke to Amir Rasul yesterday. Seemed like a serious, focused young man. Talk about him. Has he always been that way?
JIMBO FISHER: Always, always. I mean, in practice, I mean, a thousand miles. There is not a play he doesn't go a hundred miles an hour. His work ethic in practice, his demeanor is a lot like Freeman and those guys. Every play he's going a thousand miles an hour. Sometimes we have to say, Slow down just a little bit. In Freeman's career early, Don't be out of control in a crazy way because you're trying so hard.

Amir's mindset, things in that regard, as a personality trait, is that way. He's very quick. He also is an extremely hard worker, says yes, sir, no, sir. He's a very emotional, passionate guy about what he does. I don't mean that in a bad way. He takes it extremely seriously.

Q. On the BC defense, what you expect to see there.
JIMBO FISHER: I mean, very physical, guys up front, tremendous pass-rusher, two of them. On the one end on No. 7, other end Allen does a great job. You look at the numbers, he's leading them in tackles, tackles for loss. They put pressure inside, outside, bring different blitzes off the edges, up the middle.

Secondary very sound, very multiple in what they play. Play a lot of man, all of a sudden they'll be in trap, they'll be in quarters, the different looks of the secondary. Very disciplined, great eye control. Backs are very physical, downhill, up front, guys play up front and can rush the passer. Do a great job in keeping a lot of multiple looks.

Q. How do you see Blackman as a leader on the field right now?
JIMBO FISHER: He has very natural leadership skills. Guys like him, they respond to him. He competes very well and does a really good job.

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