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October 21, 2017

Marlon Watts

Ruston, Louisiana

Southern Miss - 34, Louisiana Tech - 27 (2-OT)

Q. Is it more anger or disappointment in the way this one turned out?
MARLON WATTS: No anger. Disappointment, we played our balls off, we played a hard game. And in the interview earlier this week I said that if we lost it was going to be because of the actions that we did on the field. And I mean, even in an interview earlier I said that this game is going to be built on the hype and this is what people would want to go to see and it was everything I said it was going to be.

Q. Where do you guys feel like you came up short tonight? Specifically, things where you feel like you guys came up short?
MARLON WATTS: Like I said, execution. If we lose, it's because we lost the game. And a lot of our execution wasn't there, on some plays that was critical in the game, and that's where our downfall came from.

Q. You guys had a 11-point lead with four minutes to go, did you feel like you really had it in the bag at that point?
MARLON WATTS: Yes, we thought it was not over because they're a good football team and they're going to play hard and they're not going to give up and they're going to compete. But you have to think that momentum was on our side and if we would have just got the onside, we could have maybe took a knee and ended the game right there.

Q. What do you tell J'mar, kind of a rough finish for him there in overtime with the interception and then the sack and fumble?
MARLON WATTS: Just keep his head up. He's young, he's going to be a fantastic quarterback for Louisiana Tech. So just keeping him motivated, confident, that's all he really needs. Just don't keep your head down, it's a football game and this is a live game, it as emotional game.

Q. How stressful was it for you guys offensively to be standing on the sideline for as long as you guys were in the second half? You guys were up, I mean the whole entire game, but the offense wasn't able to get out there on the field and try to string together some plays because they were out there running 18-play drives and 14-play drives and keeping you guys off the field. How stressful and aggravating was that?
MARLON WATTS: It wasn't very stressful or aggravating because if we do what we have to do in that game, we wrap it up and come out with a W. You got to commend Southern Miss, they're a hell of a football team, they have some great athletes, great coaches, and they play real hard.

Q. Moving forward I guess, how do you not let this one kind of drag the team down? You guys had a couple of close losses this year. This one, you know, at home. How do you prevent that from kind of snowballing into more losses?
MARLON WATTS: Honestly, I don't think this brings the team down. I honestly think this brings the team closer. Because when your back is against the wall, you really count on your teammates, you let them know how much they mean to you, and that's when you roll your sleeves up and go play football.

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